How do I print an On-Line IDC?

NEWLY CREATED IDC:  After submitting an IDC you are taken to the 'Success' page that gives you your IDC number.  Following the IDC# is a link that will open the IDC as a PDF document that you can print.

PREVIOUSLY PROCESSED IDC: Type the IDC number in the 'Find IDC box'.  When the IDC opens, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘VIEW IDC as PDF’’. This creates a printable version of the IDC.

Do I need to print copies of all my On-Line IDC’s?
This is your option. Several years worth of IDC’s will remain available on-line. Older IDC’s will be archived, but still available for access on-line. A better option would be filing your detailed financial statement for each month. IDC numbers (as well as brief IDC descriptions) are listed here and can always be looked up on-line if further detail is needed.



Will I be notified when my department receives an On-Line IDC charge?

No. We recommend that you check on-line at least once a week to see if there are any IDC’s waiting for your approval.

After I log in, how do I know if I have any IDC’s to approve?If you have any IDC’s waiting to be approved, a ‘CHARGE IDC’S’ box will appear and you will see the number of IDC’s for each level of status. If there is no CHARGE IDC’S box, you have no IDC’s to approve.  The MISC/CLUB IDC's box  is not restricted by user login, therefore even if you have no IDC's to approve in this category, you may see this box on your IDC home page if there are IDC's in this category waiting to be approved by someone.  If you are in responsible for a club and are expecting a charge to come through, you may want to check this list periodically.



What happens when my IDC is contested?

You will receive an email notifying you that an IDC has been contested. The email will contain the IDC information as well as an explanation why the IDC is being contested. At this point you may either edit the IDC and re-submit it to the department to approve, or delete the IDC.  A contested IDC will not automatically be approved in 14 days.   Action is required by the submitting department.

What if I don’t agree with a charge that was put through because the system approved it?
The department that charged you will need to be contacted directly. They may either issue you a credit, or you may create an IDC charging them back. IDC"s will sit for 14 days waiting for your approval before they are ‘system approved’ and forwarded to accounting for review and billing. It is recommended that you check on-line at least once a week for IDC’s waiting for your approval. It is much easier to contest an IDC before it is processed than try to reverse a charge after the fact



Why can’t I login?

You need to have a Banner login assigned to you by ITS. If you use the web to look up ID's or your own personal account, that log in is different then what you need to access IDC’s. ITS has a form that you need to fill out and have your supervisor sign.  Click here for link to form.

If your supervisor has access, he may add you as a user and grant you access to any of the accounts he has access to using the Add/Remove User feature on the IDC home page.



How do I correct the GL number when the system keeps giving me error messages?

You may call the department you are trying to charge and ask them for the correct number. There is also a list of departments and their respective program codes available on-line at the Financial Records website: Verify that you are using an expense program code (7x or above) for expense accounts (9xxx), or a revenue program code (5x or 6x) for revenue accounts (8xxx). If you have verified that everything is entered correctly and it’s still not working – call Esther in Financial Records

How do I enter the un-common looking account numbers?
There are many different general ledger(GL) number combinations that may look strange to some of you.

Balance Sheet Account: Has only two components, Fund and Account. For these GL numbers (e.g. 11-25650) , the organization and program fields will remain blank.   Most commonly used for clubs.

Restricted Funds: These funds begin with a ‘2’ and are six digits long (e.g. 275300). The organization for these funds will always be 9920. Account and program codes required.

Allocated Funds: These funds begin with ‘8’ and are either three or six digits long (e.g. 843 or 841757). The organization for these funds will always be 9980. Account and program codes required.

Since there are so many of these funds there is no list available on-line for your reference. If you are having problems with these numbers, feel free to call accounting for help.

Why don’t I have access to ALL my organizations or funds?
If there is an organization or fund that is not appearing in the drop down menu in that field, call Sharyl Turon or Esther Lonto and your user profile will be adjusted.