Use of Departmental Restricted Funds (27xxxx)

These funds are monies that have been donated to a specific department and restricted for use by that department only.

The use of these funds is to be handled by transferring the money from the Restricted fund (27xxxx) to the Unrestricted fund (11-xxxx).  In order to accurately track all departmental expenditures, spending is then to be done in the unrestricted fund using the most appropriate account number for the expense incurred.

An activity code is available to flag expenses incurred that are covered by restricted fund transfer.  This code may be used by ANY department:  #000027 Restricted Funds Used.

These are the account numbers to use to make the transfer:

DR   27xxxx-9920-9992-86    (Account #9992 is ‘Transfer to Unrestricted’)

CR   11-xxxx-9993-86          (Account #9993 is ‘Transfer from Restricted’)

                                      (Program code 86 is ‘Non Mandatory Transfers’)

The funds must be transferred using the above accounts -- not to the account where you spent the money from (i.e. #9510).


Department A would like to use their restricted funds to purchase new small equipment.  These are the entries to make:


On the invoice or check request write down all THREE numbers:


Chg:        11-8250-9851-80-000027  (activity code optional)
Chg:        278250-9920-9992-86
Cr:          (11-8250-9993-86)     (it helps to put this number in parentheses to indicate it is to be credited)
This is the preferred method because you will get a good description in all three accounts of what the expense was.   Each account will show the Vendor Name as the description.


In some cases you may need to do the transfer separately.  If you are incurring salary expense, being charged by IDC, or if the expense has already incurred, you will not be able to use all three numbers at one time as listed above in Option 1.  In that case, you can create an IDC to transfer the money needed to cover the expense.


Department A has purchased the small equipment from Department Z and has given that department this number to charge them by IDC:  11-8250-9851-80-000027

Department A will then create and submit THEIR OWN IDC to transfer the money from their restricted fund to their unrestricted fund to cover the expense:

CHG:   278250-9920-9992-86
CR:     11-8250-9993-86