Children and Youth in James White Library

James White Library attempts to provide facilities for serious study and research by Andrews University students and faculty, who are its primary users.   Visitors to the library, including children and pre-college young people, are welcome to use the building for quiet study, reading and research.

With the exception of a small children's book collection, James White Library provides materials for an adult audience.   For this reason, the library may not be held responsible for anything which a child or young person may view, listen to, or borrow from the collections.


In this policy, "children" means pre-school and elementary school ages.   Children and their parents should become aware of the following guidelines for children in James White Library.

  1. Children are welcome provided that their purpose and behavior is appropriate for the library.
  2. Small children should be supervised by a parent or responsible adult at all times when they are in the library.   They should be kept quiet, and not be allowed to wander away from visual contact.
  3. Children may use the stand-up web stations in the reference area of the library to find information, provided that adults are not needing to use the terminals.   Sit-down computer stations are for adult use only.
  4. Time permitting, library staff will assist children with school assignments only.
  5. Library classrooms and conference rooms are not available for children.
  6. A child who is misbehaving in the library may be approached by any staff member who may give a verbal warning, ask for an ID, request the child to leave the building, or ask the parent or guardian to intervene.   The staff member may write a report and post it on the bulletin board in the Patron Services Department.
  7. If a child is uncooperative and continues to cause problems, a report will be prepared and copies sent to the parent(s)/guardian, or teacher (if applicable), and the child will not be permitted to come to the library until the parent(s)/guardian or teacher have discussed the matter with either the library dean or the head of library security.   In exceptional cases of child misbehavior, Campus Safety may be called to intervene.


  1. High school students are welcome to use the library for quiet personal study and research.   They may not use classrooms or conference rooms.
  2. University students and faculty have priority for the use of library facilities, including computer terminals.
  3. The Lunch Room on the Lower Floor is provided as a place to eat in the building, and not so socialize.  Other areas are provided for study.
  4. A student who is misbehaving in the library may be given a warning by a staff member, or asked to leave.   If the individual is uncooperative and continues to cause problems, a report will be written and Campus Safety may be called if necessary.