Printing is available to all AU students, faculty, staff, and community users. There are color printers on the main and upper levels of the library. Printing is CASH ONLY, and only 5, 10, 25 coins are acceptable: Scanning is free and you may scan no more than 17 pages of text and 5 pages of photos at a given time. You may scan to your Andrews email account or a USB drive.

Instructions on how to print are available at each printing workstation. 



  • Black & White $.10/page
  • Color $.25/page


  • Black & White photocopy .10/page
  • Color photocopy. 15/page


  • No cost to scan

Large Poster

The Multimedia Center operates a large format printer (LFP) that can print posters, photos, banners, and artwork.

Print Size

The image you create can be any size as long as the smallest dimension does not exceed 42 (or 44) inches. For example: a 24" x 36" photo can be printed. All paper is 42 inches wide, but Matte Photo, Faux Canvas, Canvas and Print-N-Stick. Matte, are 44 inches wide. Print-N-Stick is 24" wide.


Your document should be in pdf. Format.


Payment is cash only. Charges to departments must be with an approved IDC. Fees are based on the length of paper taken off the roll. Each type of paper has its own cost.

Bond paper 

$0.30 per inch ($3.60 per foot) 

Used for posters, science fair displays, banners, signs

Coated Paper 

$0.35 per inch ($4.20 per foot) 

Similar to Bond paper but a slightly heavier weight. The coating brings out colors more.

Glossy Photo 

$0.50 per inch ($6.00 per foot)

Used for printing large format photos.. Any image that may be framed

Satin Photo

$0.50 per inch ($6.00 per foot)

This very popular paper has a satin (semi-glossy) finish. Used for printing large format photos. Any image that may be framed. Also used for indoor banners mounted on display stands.

Matte Photo

$0.55 per inch ($6.60 per foot)

An archival Matte Photo paper. Used for printing large format photos and art. Any image that may be framed. 44 inches wide.

Faux Canvas

$0.60 per inch ($7.20 per foot)

A heavy art paper with a textured surface that somewhat resembles canvas. 44 inches wide.


$0.80 per inch ($9.60 per foot)

This is a water resistant polypropylene that is good for banners placed outdoors. The texture and color saturation is very similar to Satin Photo but without the matte gloss. It is very tough and is tear resistant. Scraps of Poly has been used to reinforce the corners of Satin Photo banners when mounted on display stands. PLEASE NOTE: Banners come out of the printer with the ink semi-liquid. This requires special handling and allow 20 minutes for it to dry. Yes, it really is water resistant.


$1.00 per inch ($12.00 per foot)

Real canvas. Used for printing large format art or a special photo. Any image that may be stretched over a wood frame. Canvas is 44" wide.


$1.00 per inch ($12.00 per foot)

White Satin Cloth backed with a peal-off backing that reveals an adhesive. It is reposition-able removes cleanly and easily with no residue. It will not rip, wrinkle, or stretch. Perfect for wall cut-outs, wall murals, decals, signs, window graphics, and more. 24 inches wide.

There are samples of each type of paper in the Media Center. Ask to see them at the Media Center desk.

Procedure for Printing

Bring the PDF file on a thumb drive to the Circulation Desk, or send it by email as an attachment to, indicate in your message the type of paper you would like to have it printed.


Printing is on first-come, first-served. Most printing jobs are completed within 24 hours, depending on traffic. The ink is dry to the touch as it comes out of the printer but the paper still has solvents in it. We recommend that you allow the print to dry for a few minutes before rolling the image. Poly paper in particular, needs extra time to dry. When your printing is completed, we will contact you either by email or a phone call.


Our Book Scan Station is located at the Multimedia Center. The scanner can scan images up to 12" by 17". Use the settings: PDF; color; photo quality and save the scanned image to your USB drive, or your Andrews University email account. There is no charge for scanning.

Contact Information

For additional information about printing, scanning, and copying, email us at or call us at: 269 471 3267.