Open Study Carrels

James White Library has over 162 individual and group study rooms and carrels available on main, lower, and upper Levels of the library building.

Study Carrels

JWL has 109 open study carrels that are assigned to currently enrolled graduate students for the purpose of providing a place to study and keep study materials, particularly library books, pamphlets, and periodicals related to major research. Carrels are assigned on a first-come-first-served bases at the beginning of each semester and prioritized to the following categories:

  • a. Doctoral students
  • b. Graduate students
  • c. Physically challenged students
  • d. Other special requests will be considered subject to availability of carrels. 

Students are expected to vacate the carrels when their term is due, latest last day of the semester, if they have no desire to renew their reservation. Open carrels are located in the main and upper levels of the library building.

Length of Occupancy/Renewal

All carrels must be renewed every semester. The deadline for renewal is the third day of the new semester. A friendly reminder will be sent by email two weeks before the end of the semester. Failure to renew the carrel could result in the loss of the carrel. Doctoral students could renew their reservation up to five years if there are no students on the wait list. Masters students could renew for up to two years.

Application Procedure

Check “Open Carrels” in the catalog to determine what is available. Go to the service desk at the Multimedia Center and check out your carrel.

View Study Carrels Policies.