Access by Persons with Disabilities

Members of the James White Library staff are committed to ensuring that anyone with a disability can benefit fully from the resources and services offered by the library. If you have questions or concerns about physical access, special equipment, or services, please contact the Patron Services Department.

The outside entrance for those who are physically disabled is on the north side of the library building next to the loading dock. Ringing the buzzer there will alert the library staff to let you in.  They will get there as soon as possible to let you in. During those hours, patrons may wish to call 3267 to alert the library staff that someone is coming.

There are two elevators in the main library building. The central elevator does not require a key to operate. The north elevator (next to the entrance for persons with disabilities) requires a key. Andrews University students who are disabled may be issued a key for this door. Please contact the Patron Services Department. During non-office hours, disabled patrons without a key need to contact the Patron Services Department to let them out of the building.