Student Lockers Policy

Patron Responsibility

  • Items stored in a locker are the responsibilities of the locker user. The library is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged while stored in lockers;
  • No modification may be made to the interior or exterior of lockers;
  • Lockers may not be shared. The student assigned to a locker is responsible for its content.

Materials that can be stored in lockers

  • Personal books, stationeries, and research materials may be stored in lockers
  • Regular circulating items currently checked out to the student may be kept in the locker.

Materials that CANNOT be stored in lockers

  • Food or drink may not be kept in lockers.
  • Items with a noticeable or annoying odor may not be kept in the lockers.
  • Electronic devices stored in lockers, such as cell phones, should be turned off to avoid a noisy distraction for other patrons.
  • Library material not checked out to the student should not be kept in the lockers, such as journals, reference books, and other non-circulating materials.


  • Patron Service staff reserves the right to inspect the contents of a locker. Upon inspection, items not in compliance with this policy will be removed from the locker. Lack of compliance to this policy could result in the loss of the locker privilege.


  • Lost keys are charged a replacement fee of $75.
  • All students terminating their use of assigned lockers should return their key to the Multimedia Center Service Desk.

Final checkout/non-renewal (terminating use of assigned lockers)

  • Items left in lockers after final checkout/non-renewal of the locker will be removed and placed in lost and found. Unclaimed items will be turned over to Campus Safety.
  • Lockers must be left in the same condition at the end of the occupation as they were when the lockers were issued.
  • Keys that are not returned following non-renewal are subject to a replacement fee of $75.