Standardized Testing

In making admission decisions for high schoolers choosing Andrews University classes, we reference the Michigan Minimum Dual Enrollment Qualifying Scores. Admission and scholarship decisions into degree programs consider ACT or SAT scores.  

Here are codes and tips to best prepare for standardized testing of high school learning.

If living in the United States, the PSAT is only available at high schools and is the test for entering the National Merit Scholarship program. Contact the guidance counselor of your nearest high school to register by the end of August in order to take the PSAT in mid-October. It is given only once a year. A student may take the PSAT their 10th grade year on a practice basis and again their 11th grade year to enter the National Merit competition.

Information regarding the MME (Michigan Merit Exam, for Michigan residents, optional for homeschooling students) and corresponding scholarships is available at Andrews Academy. The guidance counselor's office phone number is (269) 471-3140.

ACT - enter the AU code of 1992 if you wish to send your scores to Andrews University; enter 019921 if you choose to take the test in the Andrews University Counseling and Testing Center

SAT - enter the AU code of 1030 to request scores be sent to Andrews University.

Both the ACT and SAT can be taken on Sunday test dates through the AU Counseling and Testing Center, and are given multiple times per year through local high schools and testing centers.  Read the CTC webpage SAT registration guidelines for Sunday testing and test dates.  The ACT can be taken online in the testing center by appointment any business day; call (269) 471-3470 or email to make an appointment.

Read our testing tips for more information about when to test and why.

Credit can be earned for uiversity-level learning through advanced standing, when finishing high scool in a country where final secondary studies are equivalent to first your university studies in the United States.  Credit could also be earned through standardized college general education exams such as CLEP, DSST, and UEXCEL. Learn more about Andrews University course equivalents for accepted scores.

Specific scores on the Math Placement Exam (MPE) are required to fulfill prerequisites for math and certain physics and chemistry courses. Equivalent ACT or SAT math scores, as shown on the MPE webpage, are the easiest way to meet these prerequisites. Test early and repeat to improve scores to place into courses of choice and to earn better scholarships.