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About ID Cards

What is an ID card used for?
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About ID Cards

Your student ID card functions as a digital signature across campus.  It provides access to your various financial accounts and verifies your presence within certain academic events and locations.  All ID cards include a color photograph.

When and where can I get my card?

Students can get their picture taken and receive their ID cards at the Academic Records Counter on the second floor of the Administration Building.

What is a student ID card used for?

Each student has various financial accounts for different services on campus.  Within Registration Central, students place money on these accounts for purchases such as meal accounts, computer products, books, office supplies, etc.  ID Cards can be used to directly withdraw from each financial account at the following campus services:

Students also verify their physical presence by using their ID cards for check-in or key access to various buildings on campus:

  • Dormitories
  • Chapel/Assemblies
  • Gym/Pool
  • Employee Clock-In

What do I need to do to activate my card?

In order to use your card, regular status students must have obtained financial clearance and course registered for at least one class.  When you are financially cleared in Registration Central, then your ID card will automatically activate for Dining Services and the Bookstore.  When you are course registered in at least one course, then your ID card will activate for use in the Library.

For access to the AU pool or gym, please visit the front desk clerk at the gym entrance to register.

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My ID card doesn't work for Time Clocks/Library Checkout. What do I do?

#1:  When your card is swiped in the time clock/library system does it display your name?
Yes:  Your card is fine and the time clock/scanner is working fine.
No:  Go to question #2.

#2:  When you swipe your card does the time clock say "Badge Read Error" or "Unknown Employee"?
Badge Read Error:  Either your card is scratched, missing part of the optical barcode or the time clock is dirty and not reading the card well.  Please contact Payroll.
Unknown Employee:  Your card is fine and the time clock is working.  You are either not currently employed or not in that specific clock.  Please contact Payroll.

My ID card doesn't work in Dining Services/the Bookstore/ITS. What do I do?

#1:  When they swipe your card does it read anything?
Yes:  Your card is fine.  Please go to question #2.
No:  Your card is defective.  Please take it to Academic Records in the Administration Building for a replacement.  Please note that ID cards are sensitive to sources of magnetism such as magnetic clasps, large speakers and magnets.  Contact with these items may result in your card becoming defective.

#2:  Are you financially cleared?
Yes.  Please go to question #3.
No.  Once you have become financially cleared please attempt to use your card again.

#3:  Have you already used your allotted limit?
Yes.  Please contact Dining Services or Student Financial Services to have your limits adjusted.
No:  Please contact Dining Services because they administer the system which oversees these accounts.

For dormitory entrance problems, please visit the front desk of your dormitory for troubleshooting.

Lost, stolen or damaged ID cards. What do I do?

Students can receive a replacement ID in the Administration Building. Fee applies for replacement cards, see current Bulletin.

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