Conference Reimbursement

For graduate and undergraduate students who are giving research presentations (oral or poster) at a disciplinary professional meeting, such as the American Chemical Society meetings, the Office of Research will provide matching funds for actual expenses incurred, up to a total of $500 per student.  The requirements are (1) that the department supply the other 50% of the funding, and that (2) the student submit to the Office of Research verification of acceptance along with the accepted presentation abstract.

Reimbursement Guidelines

The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship:

  1. Reimburses departments rather than individual students.
  2. Does not reimburse per diem for students; actual food receipts must be kept and submitted.
  3. Only reimburses actual additional expenses incurred. That is, if the student stays in the same hotel room as the faculty member for no additional cost, only the faculty member can claim reimbursement for the room.
  4. Only provides funding for students to attend a conference where they will be presenting (i.e., no assistance if not presenting).
  5. Does not regularly provide funding for students to present at an interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference, except that we provide transportation to MASAL each year. However, exceptions can be made for major interdisciplinary conferences such as the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) conference.