Giving Opportunities

Much of what happens in the Department of Aviation would not be possible without the continued support of those who believe strongly in the school's mission and those that give back.

We have numerous giving opportunities including:

  • Student Mentoring

Being a mentor for a student in the Aviation department could be your single and most cherished adventure in life. Watching them grow and answering questions they may have, allowing them to network through you, the best part about mentoring a student is that it's FREE!

  • Alumni Recruiting

Some destinations we want to go to cannot be reached with the funding we have available to us in the budget. If you have a passion for education and wanting to see others succeed in a Christian and wholesome environment contact the department and we will send you brochures to hand out to prospective students.  

  • Special Projects

Have any free time on your hands? Stop on by the Airport and we would be happy to put you to work making this learning environment a better place for future students. Including events like the annual fly-in. 

  • Sponsorships of student activities

Soft spot in your heart for student activities?  Contact Bryce Fisher for more information regarding the Aviation Club, and other department sponsored events including the flour and pumpkin drops.

  • Other volunteering opportunities where alumni and friends of the school may contribute

Events like the Annual Fly-in, flour and pumpkin drop, and future alumni related events.

To learn more about any and all events contact Mr. Duane Habenicht, Chair and Airport Manager for more information