Aviation Maintenance

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician Certificate is broken down into Airframe and Powerplant segments; Bachelor of Technology degree.

Aviation Maintenance involves a scientific knowledge of principles and practice in areas following areas with hands on experience:

  • metal structures
  • composites
  • welding
  • machining
  • electrical components
  • systems
  • electronics
  • environmental systems
  • aircraft instruments
  • fuel systems,
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • engine overhaul
  • reciprocating engine systems
  • propellers
  • jet engine systems 

The degree may be combined with Flight or Business as well as other combinations with consultation with the department and students’ academic advisor.
The summer months are used to gain extra flight time if the student desires to complete the course in less than four years.

Flight certificates through Multi-Engine Instructor, and the Airframe and Powerplant segments can be completed in just over three years each.
Keep in mind that there are two year associate degrees available also.

Employment is offered to qualified maintenance students. Since these positions are highly competitive; it is common knowledge that your interview starts the moment you begin your Andrews career as a maintenance freshman. Maintenance positions are as openings allow.  

Many openings for Aviation Maintenance Technicians are available.  Anticipated retirement of older technicians is encouraging the industry to search widely for younger men and women who can step into their positions. Work hours are, for the most part regular, including safe and clean working conditions

"The Andrews University Aircraft Maintenance Technician program is really a place for anyone who wants to learn. The program is designed to teach even those without any previous maintenance knowledge.  When I first started at Andrews I didn't even know how a reciprocating engine worked. Two years later I became employed as a mechanic for a fleet of turbine powered helicopters. If your next goal is to become an Aircraft mechanic, the instructors at AU will work tirelessly to get you there." Connor McCain AMT 2013 now works for Central Helicopters in Bozeman Montana.