Birds Eye View

Photographs and videos bring our imagination to life, without them, experiences would just be pure memories. Come along with us and fly high as a bird, look through and follow our Instagram page located in the global menu at the bottom right of each page, or just click this guy -->  Instagram. Sit back, relax and watch some of our students fly from Andrews to Laguardia NY, solo, do maneuvers, get out of Atlanta Class Bravo Airspace, and even look to see what kind of general aviation aircraft Fly Charlie 20 (C20). From a Birds Eye View we hope to show you not only more about our department but about the grace and ease of flying a plane. 

Students fly to LaGuardia for a Major League Baseball game.

First Solo Flight 

First Solo Flight

Piper Arrow Cruise Flight

Beech King Air B100, Start up, taxi, and take off. C20