Andrews Airpark Simulator Center

The Department of Aviation was gifted through donations and profit of aircraft to have a simulator building built to house our Alsim 200 and Alsim G1000 Simulators. This multi-purpose space was constructed in 2006 and the department uses it for Federal Aviation Administration Events, Aviation Club Events, a Student Lounge and Kitchenette, as well as classrooms. 

J.L. Tucker Building

The Tucker Building houses the maintenance hangar where we perform the maintenance on all of our flight school aircraft and also works in conjunction with the Harry C. Lloyd Flight School. Pastor J.L. Tucker Founded The Quiet Hour radio broadcast in 1937, which has since provided more than 50 aircraft for international mission service. Assisted by his son, LaVerne, this effort has grown to include a network of radio and television programs designed to advance the well-being of people throughout the world. 

Mr. Lloyd was the Chief Flight Instructor at the Department of Aviation from July 1, 1977 to January 31, 2001. He continues within the department as Professor Emeritus, and a Federal Aviation Administration Flight Examiner.

Robert E. Seamount Building

Housing the main reception area, classrooms, Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS), and lab space for maintenance classes. Robert E. Seamount through his career as a pastor, member of the King's Heralds Quartet of the Voice of Prophecy, and church leader, made significant contributions to the cause of mission aviation and the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. An Instrument Flight Instructor as well as an A&P Mechanic, he arranged for the purchase, preparation, and delivery of aircraft, making many trans-oceanic flights to distant outposts.