General Categories of Department Chair Responsibilities


     1. The Chair facilitates information flow
            a. From the Department to University Administration and Support
             b. From the University Administration and Supoort areas to the
                Department Faculty

     2. The chair regularly participates in Leadership Meetings
            a. Regular departmental meetings (twice monthly recommended),
                which are called and presided over by the chair
            b. Keep minutes of faculty meetings for 10 years
            c. Provide a copy of minutes to the college dean
            d. Monthly CAS Chair's Council, which are called and presided over by
                the CAS

     3. Dean
            a. Monthly CAS/CAS Division faculty meetings
            b. Monthly University faculty meetings
            c. Chairs also receive information from a listserv on the campus 
                e-mail system

Responsibilities Relating to Faculty

     1. Generally responsible for providing for and overseeing department
         This includes:
            a. The hiring of full-time and contract faculty
            b. Orienting of faculty to Department and University procedures

     2. Responsible for evaluation of faculty with the "January Report."
            a. Review accomplishments of the past year in the areas of teaching
                (course evaluations), scholarship (publication, presentation), and
                service (university, community)
            b. Discuss plans proposed for the upcoming year in teaching, 
                scholarship and service
            c. Develop/review with each faculty his/her promotion plan

     3. Making recommendations for:
            a. Leave of absence
            b. Advanced training
            c. Temporary assignments
            d. Promotions/continuous appointment

     4. Organize the assignment of courses to faculty

     5. Remind faculty of university deadlines arising from the academic
            a. Drop/Add and Withdrawal
            b. Thesis, dissertation, and project completion
            c. Graduation
            d. Grade submission deadlines, especially for SENIORS
            e. Schedule changes for Week of Spiritual Emphasis

     6. Advising
            a. Encourage faculty to do well with curriculum and life experience
             b. Facilitate and encourage posted office hours and/or being present
                 in the office
            c. Encourage extra availability during pre-registration and registration

Responsibilities for Students

     1. The chair is responsible for appropriately assigning students to
         department faculty for advising

     2. Interview, hire, and supervise student workers in consultation with
         department faculty

     3. Make recommendations for student scholarships

     4. Mediate conflicts and serve as a liaison between faculty and students

Curricular Responsibilities

     1. In conjunction with departmental faculty, evaluate existing courses and
         programs, and develop new courses and programs both graduate and

     2. Review and maintain a current file of departmental course syllabi
            a. Keep a copy of all syllabi for 5 years
            b. A current syllabus for each course taught in the department should
                be uploaded into iVue two weeks prior to the beginning of the term

     3. Schedule all courses within the department

     4. Review and sign textbook orders

     5. Obtain desk copies of books for contract faculty

     6. Update and proof department bulletin copy

Fiscal Responsiblities

     1. Plan and submit the annual budget

     2. Administer the departmental budget (approve purchases, travel 
         expenses, and order departmental supplies and equipment and
         where appropriate all lab supplies)

     3. Reconcile the budget on a monthly basis

     4. Complete an annual equipment inventory

     5. Oversee the departmental physical facilities including loss control
         measures, equipment maintenance and repair, and scheduling
         control over use of departmental spaces for non-academic purposes

Promotion of Department

     1. Actively recruit students and respond to inquiries about departmental

     2. Manage Public Relations for the department

     3. Maintain relationships with alumni

     4. Support Student Enrollment activities and provide department tours for
         prospective students

     5. From time to time, fund-raise for department programs, scholarships, or

Building, Office and Equipment Management

     1. Manage all office, classroom and lab space assigned to the department
            a. Alert Plant Services to maintenance needs
            b. Alert Custodial to cleanliness issues
            c. Manage the department bulletin boards
            d. Make office assignment
            e. Take serious interest in your physical space

     2. Provide the Department of Safety opening and closing times for the

     3. Equipment issues
            a. Work with the dean on computer needs
            b. Keep all equipment in good repair and well maintained

     4. Maintain a safe environment