Career Opportunities

Most chemists find their work rewarding simply because it enables them to more deeply understand, appreciate, and contribute to their world. Your insight into the workings of the world will give you the tools to make an incredibly positive impact on the lives of others. As an industrial chemist, you'll work with sophisticated computers and laboratory instruments for modeling, simulation, and testing. Research in the chemical industry has led to the discovery and development of thousands of products used by millions of people every day. These include medicinal drugs, electronic components, metals, superconducting materials, integrated-circuit chips, soaps, polymers, plastics, pesticides and fertilizers. Additionally, as a chemist you could work to develop and refine processes that help conserve energy, reduce pollution and raise production in agriculture, food processing and many other fields. And clearly, if you choose to pursue medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy after completing your chemistry or biochemistry degree, your work will directly improve the lives of your patients every day. As you can see, whatever your specific career goals, your expertise in the chemical sciences will not only bring you personal, intellectual satisfaction, but will also allow you to contribute positively to the lives of countless others.

  • Industrial or pharmaceutical research or sales
  • Environmental science or toxicology
  • Materials science
  • Forensic science
  • Chemical engineering
  • Medicine/Dentistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Marketing/sales in steel, chemical, paper, petroleum and food industries
  • Teaching at the secondary or university level