Welcome from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of English at Andrews University!

The Department of English at Andrews University has a rich tradition of fostering a love for literature, language, and creative expression. Our department is a vibrant hub where ideas come to life, where critical thinking intertwines with imagination, and where words have the power to impact the world around us. At Andrews, we believe that literature and language profoundly speak to and shape our understanding of the human experience, both past and present.

English at Andrews University is not just a collection of courses. It's a space for growth, exploration, and forging lifelong connections with people who share your passion for language and literature. We strive to offer students an education driven by dual commitments to academic excellence and to inclusivity. Our department therefore promotes intellectual stimulation, creative expression and academic achievement. Students enjoy small, seminar-style classes, as well as individual mentoring in research and academic writing. At the same time, the department advances collaborative learning, diverse perspectives, and an inclusive ethos. Opportunities for learning frequently extend beyond the classroom to theater field trips, professional conferences, poetry readings, drama performances, book clubs, writing groups, and more. These formal and less formal experiences allow for our students to engage with others who have wide-ranging interests and love words, culture, ideas, and books.

Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the classroom, and they are committed to guiding you as you explore the realms of literary analysis, creative writing, linguistic studies, and much more. From work in digital humanities to Shakespeare and adaptation to crime fiction to media studies to Adventist history to rhetoric, the department’s professors engage in cutting-edge research and teaching and have a long track record of mentoring undergraduate research and professional development.

Through this professional development, we help students learn how an English major opens the door to a world of diverse and exciting possibilities. This field equips students with critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills that are highly sought after in a range of professions. Our graduates have found themselves thriving in careers such as publishing, journalism, content creation, and public relations, where their mastery of language and storytelling shines. Additionally, the ability to dissect complex texts and articulate nuanced ideas has positioned our majors for success in law, academia, public policy, and even medicine! Each year, we place students in excellent graduate programs within English, in related fields like journalism, and in disciplines further afield, like medical school. Ultimately, we want students to understand that no matter what professional path they choose, an English major empowers them to shape narratives, influence opinions, and contribute meaningfully to a world that revolves around effective communication and interpretation.

We hope that this website gives you a glimpse into what the Department of English has to offer, but most of all, we hope to see you soon!

Vanessa I. Corredera
Chair, Department of English