Course Descriptions

Note: ENGL115, 215 are prerequisite to all upper division courses in English with the exception of ENGL300. Writing courses may not be audited.


ENGL115               (3)

English Composition I

Introduction to written composition focusing on composing as a recursive process for generating meaning and communicating effectively. Emphasizes short essay writing based on personal explorations of memory, observation, conversation, and reading.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite for students whose native language is not English: An overall average of 550 on TOEFL or 80 on MELAB or a successful completion of advanced English in the Intensive English program with a B in all classes and a pass on the CIE exit exam. Cannot be audited or CLEPed.


ENGL185              $ (3 2)

Much Ado about English

An introductory course, organized thematically, featuring various texts and approached from several perspectives, including linguistic, rhetorical, and literary analysis.


ENGL215              (3)

English Composition II

An introduction to source-based, academic writ­ing, including practice in summarizing, analyz­ing, synthesizing, and reading from a critical perspective. Sections organized thematically. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and completion of 24 semester credits. Cannot be audited or CLEPed.


ENGL220             (3)

Technical Writing

Techniques of written communication in the preparation of industrial and engineering reports and proposals. Instruction and practice in designing technical reports. Course studies rhetorical problems and practical strategies related to analyzing and communicating technical information to technical and non-technical audiences. Prerequisite: ENGL115. Cannot be audited.


ENGL255              (3)

Studies in Literature

An introductory literature course with the empha­sis indicated by a subtitle, such as World Litera­ture, the Short Story, and Travel Literature. Prerequisite: ENGL115. Fall, Spring

ENGL267              $ (3)

Approaches to Literature

An introduction to genres, analysis, critical ap­proaches, and writing about literature. Prerequi­site: ENGL115.


ENGL273      Alt (3)

American Literature to 1865

A survey of American literature from the 17th century through the Civil War. Prerequisite: ENGL115.


ENGL274     Alt (3)

American Literature 1865-1914

A survey of American literature from the Civil War to World War I. Prerequisite: ENGL115.


ENGL300             (3–4)

Modern English Grammar

Basic English syntax for students and future teachers, including grammatical terminology and a brief history of grammatical models. Prerequi­site: ENGL115. Students needing study in the history of the English language should enroll for 4 credits.


ENGL315              (3)

Professional Writing

Practice in adapting writing to a variety of pro­fessional audiences and tasks, including resumes, proposals, business and technical reports, web writing, and collaborative writing. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215. Cannot be audited.


ENGL345              (3)

Introduction to Rhetoric

An introduction to the study of rhetoric, includ­ing classical and modern theories. Emphasis is given to the practical applications of rhetorical analysis in mass media, advertising, literary and political representations. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL371    Alt (3)

English Literature to 1600

A survey of literature of the British Isles from Beowulf through the 16th century. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL372     Alt (3)

English Literature 1600-1800

A survey of literature of the British Isles of the 17th and 18th centuries . Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL373     Alt (3)

English Literature 1800-1914

A survey of Literature of the British Isles from the 19th century to World War I. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL403   ♦Alt (3)                                                                            

20th Century English and American Literature

A survey of 20th Century literature of British, American and other literature in English. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215 and 267.

ENGL404   (3)                  
New Global Literature
A survey of recent global literary texts with a focus on issues of diversity. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215 and 267.


ENGL407              t(2–3)

Literature for Children

Selection, analysis, and evaluation of literary works which meet the reading and/or the listen­ing interests of children and enhance the preparation of elementary teachers, librarians, and parents. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL408             tAlt (2–3)

Literature for Young Adults

Selection, analysis, and evaluation of literary works that meet the reading interests of young adults and enhance the preparation of middle-school and secondary English teachers, librari­ans, and parents. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215.


ENGL414           tAlt (3)

Biblical Literature

Advanced study of the English Bible as literature and its literary influences.  Prerequisites: ENGL 115, 215 and 267.


ENGL 415         tAlt (3)

Gender Studies in Literature

Advanced study of literary texts dealing with gender issues.  Prerequisites: ENGL 115, 215 and 267.


ENGL425              (3)

Literary Topics

Advanced study of a literary period, genre, or theme, such as Victorian Literature, Poetry, Travel Literature, or the Clas­sical Heritage. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 267.


ENGL430             (1–4)

Topics in _______

Study of selected topics in composition, lan­guage, or literature. Topic and credit to be announced in advance. Repeatable with different topics to 12 credits. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL435              t(1–4)

Topics in Linguistics

Study of topics in linguistics such as bilingualism, the TESOL professional, teaching and learning in the ESL classroom, or the TESOL Certificate Program. Repeatable with different content. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL437   (3)                                                                                 

Teaching and Tutoring Writing

Theory and practice in teaching, tutoring, and responding to writing. Exercises in composition, revision, and evaluation. A minimum of 30 hours tutoring required.

Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL438              tAlt (3)

Advanced Composition

An exploration of published essays, writing the­ory, and strategies. Student essays move be­yond—in style, scope and subject matter—the writing done in ENGL115 and 215, which are prerequisites. Cannot be audited.


ENGL440             Alt (3)

Language and Culture

The study of language in the context of ethnol­ogy with emphasis on (1) the effect of social variables (including gender) on language use, and (2) on paralanguage (e.g., kinesics and proxemics). Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 460 or permission of instructor.


ENGL450             tAlt (3)

Literary Criticism and Theory

An introduction to literary criticism and theory. Readings start with Plato, but special emphasis is on New Criticism to the present. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 267.


ENGL454              tAlt (3)

The Writing Life

An exploration of composition theory and writ­ing practice through the study of published writers’ narrative accounts of the writing life. Students engage in an extended writing project selected in consultation with the instructor. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215. Cannot be audited.


ENGL459              tAlt (3)

Methods of Teaching English

An integration and exploration of pedagogical theories and practices in literature for young adults, and writing and language study for the secondary-school classroom. Does not apply toward the first 16 credits in English for an MAT degree. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL460             t(3)


An introduction to linguistics for those planning to teach or work in the area of language, com­munication, or English on any level. Prerequi­sites: ENGL115 and 215.


ENGL464              t$ (3)

Major Literary Author

Study of a major author, such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Johnson, Dickens, Hawthorne, or Cather. Repeatable with different content. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 267.


ENGL465              t(2)

TESOL Methods

Specialized techniques for teaching and testing various English-language skills. Content rotates among grammar; reading and writing; speaking and listening. Corequisite: ENGL490 or 505-002 TESL Practicum. Repeatable with different content. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 460.


ENGL466              tAlt (3)

Phonetics and Phonology

Study of speech sounds and patterns including articulatory phonetics, phonemics and an intro­duction to modern phonological theory and anal­ysis. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 460 or permission of instructor.


ENGL467              t(3)

Creative Writing

Practice in writing stories, essays, poetry, or drama. Course emphasis changes from semester to semester. Repeatable 3 times with different content. Prerequisites: ENGL115 and 215. Can­not be audited.


ENGL469              t(3)

Second Language Acquisition

Study of current theories of and research in lan­guage acquisition and the implications of this scholarship for language teachers and teaching. Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215, and 460 or permis­sion of instructor.


ENGL478              t$ (0)

Study Tour:

Travel to destinations relevant to individual programs of study. Classes will be selected from department(s) offerings. Fee may be required.


ENGL497    (1-3)

Writing Internship

Students intern 90 clock hours per hour of credit in journalism, business, or other approved field. Procedures and guidelines available from department. Open only to Writing Emphasis students.  Prerequisites: ENGL115, 215 and either ENGL 315 or JOUR230.


ENGL490             (1–2)

TESL Practicum

Study of and/or supervised practice in teaching English as a second language. Repeatable to 3 credits. Permission of instructor required.


ENGL495              (1-3)

Independent Study/Readings

Studies in various areas of language, literature, or composition under supervision of an appropriate instructor, including regular conferences, and resulting in oral and/or written reports and papers. Registration by permission of the department chair.


ENGL498       (1)

Senior Seminar
Discussion topics include career, placement. The development of a senior portfolio including capstone writing project. Prerequisites: 24 credits in English (not including ENGL 115, 215) or by permission of instructor.