The worship leaders certificate is granted by the Andrews University International Center for Worship and Music, under the direction  of the Department of Music. The certificate is non-accredited, and it provides lay leaders, musicians, and pastors with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with the following core competencies:

  1. Research and apply biblical principles that shape music ministry and leadership in Christian and liturgical practice.
  2. Design, organize, and lead musical performances and experiences in congregational or worship settings.
  3. Perform, compose, arrange, and/or conduct at the level(s) as appropriate to the area of specialization.
  4. Develop an understanding of musical religious practice, including music in worship, orders of worship, repertories, congregational song, and service design, and of music administrative structures, practices, and procedures.
  5. Develop an understanding of how other disciplines are related to the practice of sacred music (these may include, but are not limited to technologies, media, other art forms, and the relationships between sacred music and the music of broader cultures).
  6. Employ media and technologies in developing and producing music and worship experiences.
  7. Present one public demonstration of competence in music leadership and/or solo performance or composition.
  8. Practicum opportunities within or beyond the institution that lead to demonstrations of competency to work in the field of sacred music. While these functions may be fulfilled in a variety of ways, an internship or similar formal experience is strongly recommended.

Classes Required (as CEUs, 70 hours):

  • Worship Experiences (10 hours)
  • Songwriting/Music Theory (Beginner & Advanced) (7.5 hours)
  • Biblical Foundations for Christian Worship (10 hours)
  • Practice Time & Rehearsal (7 hours)
  • Instrumental Accompaniment/Vocal Technique (5 hours)
  • Choir/Orchestra Conducting (5 hours)
  • Lessons in Worship & Music History (10 hours)
  • Worship Planning (5 hours)
  • Worship, Technology, & Social Media (4 hours)
  • Worship Leadership: Principles and Practices(4 hours)
  • Showcase from Intensive (Performance) (1 hour)
  • Community Service (3 hours)



- Spanish track: June 16 – 22, 2019

- English track: June 23 – 29, 2019


All the activities will take place in Hamel Hall, Seminary Chapel and the Howard Performing Arts Center of Andrews University. 8495 University Blvd., Berrien Springs MI 49104-0230.


Course Fee is  $490. This price includes all the classes, workshops and activities from Sunday evening to Saturday evening. Register Here


There are multiple housing options available on campus and off campus.


2) OFF ANDREWS UNIVERSITY CAMPUS: Airbnb and hotels near Andrews University are available.


The price for all meals included is $200.