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Organizations interested in hosting social work interns must provide the following:

  • a supervisor with a Master's in Social Work plus at least 2 years professional experience who can provide at least 1 hour of active supervision each week
  • practice experiences that make it possible for the intern's successfully achieve their required learning activities
  • access to a broad range of experiences working with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities
  • office space, clerical support and resources necessary for the intern to complete their assigned tasks/activities
  • access to sufficient mentoring and technical support necessary to complete the agency-based tasks/activities/projects
  • arrange for emergency medical care for the intern (at the intern's expense)
  • an intern onboarding/orientation process that includes providing the agency policies for (minimally) safety, attire, confidentiality, and attendance

Sound educational experiences must be provided by the agency under the supervision of an MSW professional to help the student achieve the outcomes outlined in their learning plan. The practicum supervisor acts as an administrator, educator, role model, and supervisor.

Practicum supervisor's are expected to:

  • Work with assigned intern(s) to develop a realistic learning plan;
  • Coordinates activities to meet the intern's learning plan;
  • Provide ongoing feedback to the student about their performance, skills, and professionalism(including punctuality & attendance, etc.)
  • Assess the performance, skills, and professionalism of intern(s)
  • Provides a minimum of one hour of supervisor per week
  • Meets with intern(s) and faculty liaison at least two times during internship to review internship activities
  • Advocate for access to agency resources necessary for intern(s) to complete their internship projects/tasks/activities 
Presuming your agency meets the requirements and there is an MSW available to provide supervision:
  1. complete the Internship Site Profile form
  2. have the MSW professional designated by the agency complete the Internship Supervisor Profile form
  3. the designated authorized representative must sign the affiliation agreement that will be provided by the School of Social Work after receiving the completed "Agency Profile"
  4. the MSW professional and point of contact for the agency must complete orientation to learn about the practicum process, policies, and paperwork

For more information, email us or schedule an orientation appointment with the Director of Practicum Education.