Resources for Field Instructors

Field Instructor's Role and Responsibilities

Field Instructors/Task Supervisors serve as social work supervisors. Practicum instruction emphasizes developing sound educational experiences based on reaching the identified educational outcomes. In working toward this end, the Field Instructor/Task Supervisor must be an administrator, educator, role model, and supervisor. It is possible for a student to receive daily task supervision from someone other than the MSW field instructor, who would then be referred to as the task supervisor.

To ensure a quality field experience, the Field Instructor/Task Supervisor:

  • Understands the Andrews University Department of Social Work’s mission

  • Attends field instructor orientation and training

  • Coordinates activities to meet the student's educational needs

  • Meets with the student to review and establish a learning plan no later than the third week of placement

  • Reviews the Learning Plan with students and completes comprehensive skills evaluation

  • Provides a minimum of one hour of supervisor per week

  • Meets with student and liaison bi-annually, more frequently if needed

  • Advocates for access to agency resources and learning experience

  • Provides ongoing feedback to the student about his/her practicum performance (including punctuality & attendance, etc.)

  • Submits written evaluations as required and recommends grade at semester's end.


Supportive Resources