Mission: Invent

STEM Division
Nethery Hall 135
4141 Administration Dr
(269) 471-3872

Our Mission

Transforming Seventh-day Adventist education through a culture of improvement and innovation in teaching and learning. We seek to educate the next generation of Christian innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Goals

  • To equip students to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs
  • To encourage creative thinking and create an entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • To develop venture opportunities and recognize promising ideas at annual events
  • To train educators in engineering, inventing, and problem-based learning
  • To boost STEM engagement across the Adventist Education system in North America


The Value of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education

In today’s rapidly changing world, students need problem-solving skills, creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, agility, resilience and entrepreneurship to be successful in the 21st century. This opportunity builds all these skills, while also developing a sense of accountability and purpose. We need critical thinkers and problem solvers, young people with self-confidence and the ability to identify and solve real-world problems. Will you join us in this endeavor?

Let’s empower students with creative problem solving skills.


Our Team

It takes a team to organize and plan something like Mission:Invent. Thank you to everyone who is helping make this a reality!


Training & Resources

Monica Nudd – Mission: Invent Director
Michael Bryson – Andrews University


Advisory Committee

Sebastian Farrell – AdventHealth University
Nadia Edwin – AdventHealth University
Matias Soto – Andrews University
David Randall – Andrews University
Jana Grose – Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Enoch Hwang – La Sierra University
Nicole Mattson – Lake Union
Melisa Aree – Loma Linda University
Fred Armstrong – Loma Linda University
Keith Hallam – North Pacific Union
Aimee Wyrick – Pacific Union College
Kent Davis – Pacific Union College
Brent Hamstra – Southern Adventist University
Blake Laing – Southern Adventist University
Ryan Loga – Southern Adventist University
Bryce Cole – Walla Walla University
Delvin Peterson – Walla Walla University
Samuel Perez – Washington Adventist University