Mission: Invent

STEM Division
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4141 Administration Dr
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This year, our school hosted an Invention Fair - and we loved it! In the past we’ve done traditional science fairs, and my students would just copy experiments they saw on the internet, like baking soda volcanos and rock candy. Most of the time they already knew what the results of their experiment would be because they had seen it online! But the Invention Fair is different. The design of the program ensures that students come up with ORIGINAL ideas. It teaches students the engineering design process in a really hands on and memorable way. It encourages problem solving, creativity, perseverance, and teamwork. It was due to the Invention Fair that our school purchased a 3D printer, allowing our students to 3D print prototypes. This also sparked a series of lessons for our students on how to use a design software called Tinkercad. The Invention Fair really expanded our science program and brought in more engineering and technology than ever before. When we displayed some of the inventions at our Open House, the parents and community members were SO impressed. Our school will absolutely host another Invention Fair in the upcoming school year. I highly recommend the Mission: Invent program!

Sarah Lopez
Middle School Teacher
West Palm Beach Junior Academy

Students were more engaged with science throughout this entire process. They surprised themselves and each other with creativity. Students who struggled with taking tests were able to achieve success as they applied what they previously learned in different ways and pulled on their various strengths to help their teammates succeed.

Carlene Green
Teacher, grades 3-5
Conyers Adventist Academy

I would absolutely recommend this event to other teachers. It bonded our students together like nothing other than working hard together can do. These are life skills that our students will use in the real world, and I look forward to having them do it again.

Marsha Peters
Conyers Adventist Academy