Daily Stretches


Take a deep breath.

With all the responsibilities of daily life pressing on our shoulders, it can feel like we don't have the time to take a break from work and care for ourselves.

The goal of this 2021-2022 calendar is to provide nice, simple movements that only take 30 seconds at a time throughout the day. Through your participation in our surveys, the students from the Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2022 compiled dynamic and static stretches tailored to fit your needs. Each month features a new stretch to add to your wellness routine that encourages blood flow and reduces body aches. Video links are also provided with instruction and additional dynamic stretches.

We hope this resource helps encourage you in your health and wellness journey.

THANKS TO: Ope Adesina, Kristin Anderson, Kate Coblentz, Samantha Higgins, Kirsten Hunt, Calvin Imperio, Yehjee Lee, Lyshll Prudente, Diana Saavedra, Kalie Villanueva, Allison Walean, McKenna Wear and Gerson DeLeon.

All Stretches are available here:

Static Stretches

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21_aug_2 Video Demo 21_aug_4 STATIC Sitting Rotation Stretch 21_aug_6 august 21_aug_3 TARGET AREAS: Lumbar Spine Hip Abductors Hamstrings
21_sept_4 STATIC Quad Stretch 21_sept_6b tember 21_sept_6a sep 21_sept_2 Video Demo 21_sept_3 TARGET AREA: Quadriceps
21_oct_2 Video Demo 21_oct_4 STATIC Rotation Stretch 21_oct_6 october 21_oct_3_back 21_oct_3_front TARGET AREA: Thoracic Spine
21_nov_6 november 21_nov_3_back 21_nov_2 Video Demo 21_nov_3_front TARGET AREAS: Hip Abductors Low Back Muscles Hip Internal Rotation
21_dec_4 STATIC Thoracic Extension Stretch 21_dec_6 december 21_dec_2 Video Demo 21_dec_3 Core Muscles TARGET AREAS: Thoracic Spine
22_jan_2 Video Demo 22_jan_6 january 22_jan_4 STATIC Abdominal Stretch 22_jan_3 TARGET AREAS: Hip Flexors Core Muscles
22_feb_4 STATIC Half Knee Lateral Stretch 22_feb_6 february 22_feb_2 Video Demo 22_feb_3 TARGET AREAS: Lateral Back Muscles Hip Abductors
22_march_2 Video Demo 22_march_4 STATIC Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch 22_march_6 march 22_march_3 TARGET AREAS: Hip Flexors Gastrocnemius
22_april_2 Video Demo 22_april_4 STATIC Cross Body Stretch 22_april_6 april 22_april_3 TARGET AREAS: Deltoid Scapular Muscles
22_may_2 Video Demo 22_may_4 STATIC Upper Neck Stretch 22_may_6 may 22_may_3 TARGET AREAS: Upper Trapezius Muscles
22_june_2 Video Demo 22_june_4 STATIC Hamstring Stretch 22_june_6 june 22_june_3 TARGET AREA: Hamstrings
22_july_2 Video Demo 22_july_4 STATIC Pec Stretch 22_july_6 july 22_july_3 TARGET AREA: Pectoralis Muscle
22_aug_2 Video Demo 22_aug_6 august 22_aug_3 TARGET AREAS: Hamstrings Gastrocnemius 22_aug_4 STATIC V Stretch

Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic 4-way Stretch

Dynamic Scoopers Stretch

Dynamic Hip Openers Stretch

Dynamic Frankenstein Stretch

Dynamic Core Stretch

Dynamic Broomstick Stretch