Booth Registration

If you are interested in having a booth at the Health Career Job Fair, please fill out our registration form and review the exhibitor rules below:

Log-in Instructions for Employers:

  • Create your user Account: Employers who do not already have a Handshake account will need to create one. If you have received an email invitation from our Career Center, use the link provided in the email to create your account. If you would like to receive an email invitation from our Career Center, email your request to If you are signing up without an invitation use this link to create an employer account. Refer to Create an Employer User Account, Join a Company, and Connect with Schools.
  • Join your existing company on Handshake or create one: In order to take any action with schools, you must first be connected to your company profile on Handshake. After you've confirmed your account, you will be prompted to select your company and request connection. If your company is already in Handshake, your company will populate as an option to select from. If it isn't, you should see the option to create a new company profile. Learn How to Create a New Company Profile.
  • Request to connect with schools: You must request and receive approval from a school prior to posting jobs or events to their students. You can choose schools during the account creation process or any time afterwards. When choosing schools, we recommend starting with only 10-20 until your company is established on Handshake. To learn how to request and add more schools at a later time, check out School Network Management.
  • Customize your profile: A well-crafted user and company profile plays a vital role in shaping your brand and building rapport and trust with our students and school partners. Put your best foot forward with a complete user and company profile.
  1. Configure your Employer Account User Settings
  2. Learn How to Edit Your Company Profile Setting
  • Set notification preferences: While there are default notification settings enabled, you may customize how and when you receive communication from Handshake. To learn more, refer to Default Notification Preferences (Employers).
  • Build your recruiting skills: Pathfinders arms you with the strategies, tools, and latest data required to surpass your goals in sourcing, recruiting, and ultimately hiring the right talent for your organization. Explore our free courses here.
  • Take Action: Once you've connected to one or more schools, you will be able to post jobs, request on-campus interview schedules, manage your applicants, and more. Refer to our additional resources below.
  • For a video tutorial, click here.