Healthy Living Day

This is an event that can be run monthly or bimonthly by the school and will involve the kids in planning and execution. Parents and community members will also be invited to the event. It can incorporate several ideas for several days. There could be health talks and giveaways on some days and actual exercise and sporting activities on other days where a trainer could be involved to lead out in some exercises. Parents and community members will leave each time with light literature or electronic media that would give them more information on health or spiritual matters. A 10k run may be held quarterly, biannually or annually depending on what works best for each context. These runs would involve the whole community and local media could also be invited to provide coverage.

Goal of the Activity
This activity aims to create a non-threatening atmosphere for the church to reach out to the community with the gospel through the school. The school, being an institution that does not appear to seek to indoctrinate but to educate, serves as a barrier breaker for the church. Healthy living is also something that most people want.