The Poor Garden Project

This project is designed more specifically for the discipleship process for youth. The idea is that the youth will grow and manage a garden for the purpose of contributing a substantial portion of the produce to needy families in the area. Unlike a community garden approach, it allows leaders to work directly with the youth who will be tending and keeping the garden. Gardening requires a certain progression to include cultivation, planting, tending, feeding and harvesting. Each time the youth come to work the garden space the leader can prepare a brief spiritual lesson that directly corresponds to the phase of gardening they are in. It will also give the youth the opportunity to see the fruits of patience and toil, as well as build their confidence in acquiring new skills. As they harvest the produce, they will already have selected families and homes they will distribute their goods to and see firsthand what it is like to reward others with their labors. You could also save enough of the produce to plan a banquet or picnic to be held at the school where everyone could appreciate the blessings of their patience and toil.