Socially Innovative Global Classroom – a unique international partnership for social innovation

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Andrews University is excited to partner with Osaka Metropolitan Univeristy to provide students with an exciting study abroad experience.

The Socially Innovative Global Classroom (SIGLOC) allows student to work across borders, language and time zones to solve real world problems. The purpose of this program is to cultivate social innovators. By collaborating with students from other countries,the program will cultivate the ability to discover social issues and tfind solutions solutions to those problem.

Upcoming Programs

2024 SIGLOC USA: March 14-22 2024

2024 Exchange: August 19-December 15, 2024

2025 SIGLOC Japan: March 15-23, 2025


For more information, please contact our program coordinator.

Aaron Moushon

Assistant Dean for Undergradaute education