COIL Exchange

Andrews University is excited to partner with Osaka Metropolitan Univeristy to provide students with an exciting study abroad experience in the US.

If you qualify to take part in this program, you will have the opportunity to study on the Berrien Springs campus of Andrews University. Student will choose from a variety of socially innovative course that align with their degree program at OMU.

Please note that all international students who attend Andrews University will need to document that they have adequate financial resources to cover at least one year of overall annual costs at Andrews University, less the International Partner Scholarship offered to students who qualify from this campus.


  • Go here to create an account.
  • Complete the contact information section. 
  • Complete the address information section. Don't forget to select the box "address outside the U.S. or Canada."
  • Select "Undergraduate" as your level and "Transfer" as your student type.
  • Create a secure password following the instructions.
  • Click on “Create My Account.”
  • Once you log in, the system will show you the “My account” page. 
  • Click on “Applications,” located in the menu in the top right corner of the “My account” page.
  • Select the type of application you will be completing. 
  • Contact the affiliation coordinator on your campus to receive the current code that will waive your application fee of $30.
  • Complete and submit the application. 

Please note: During the application process, you may pause and then resume your online application.

  • After an application is submitted, the “My account” page will show the option to “Submit supplemental items” at the bottom of the page to review any additional materials.
  • Work with Jimei University to send your transcripts.

Please note: You can send an unofficial transcript to Aaron Moushon for a preliminary credit evaluation.

  • Once your application is complete, our admissions team will review all your documents and make an admission decision. 
  • After the decision is made, we will send you an email with an electronic copy of your admission decision letter.
  • Your International Partner Scholarship of $14,000/year will be formally confirmed in your I-20 application process.



A financial review and documentation, which is in addition to your academic admission, is required by the U.S. government to qualify for an I-20. The Office of International Student Services will assist with this process and complete the I-20 paperwork. Student's will be required to pay a fully refundable international student depostit. If you have additional questions, please email


When you receive your I-20 document, please schedule an appointment at the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate office and apply for an F1 student visa (you may only study at Andrews University with an F1 or J1 visa).

Ideally, you’ll want to plan to have your U.S. Embassy/Consulate interview no later than one to two months before the date classes begin.


When you enter the United States for the first time as a student, by air or by border crossing, you must present your passport with student visa and your I-20.

Carry copies of the documents presented to Andrews University to gain your I-20 as evidence of financial support can be requested at port of entry. Please request all documents inspected by customs officers to be returned as they are your property and you are required to show them at each port of entry.


As you get ready to transfer and study on the Berrien Springs campus of Andrews University, we want your final steps to be smooth and enjoyable. Each of these eight final steps is important to your final preparation to come and study with us.

  1. GET CONNECTED. Activate your Andrews username
  2. STUDY PLAN. Work with the Explore Andrews office to set up your class schedule. You can see review your advisor's contact information on your iVue page.
  3. HOUSING – DINING - INSURANCE. Review options for housing, dining, and insurance. You can also learn more about how to register by watching this video.
  4. REGISTRATION & ENROLLMENT. Visit Registration Central to register and complete your housing, dining, insurance and financial plans.
  5. FINANCIAL PLAN. Clear financially with your financial advisor. You can also learn more about how to financially clear by watching this video.
  6. BOOKS AND MATERIALS. Purchase textbooks and a great selection of supplies and University merchandise at the bookstore.
  7. TRANSPORTATION. The agreement between Andrews Univeristy and Osaka Metropolitan Univeristy provides round trip airport transfer from Chicago O'hare airport. Work with the explore Andrews office to coordinate your arrival before you book your flight.


Have questions? We have answers. Our staff members are dedicated to help you find the answers you need.

Aaron Moushon, the Director of Academic Exploration has worked with Jimei students for 7 years. He can be reached at