Co-Curricular Participation

Check your progress toward completing the co-curricular requirement. Log in to your Co-Curricular Record.

MISSING PROGRAMS  If a program you have attended does not appear in your record, report it within 21 days from the program date using the “Missing Programs” link provided in your Record.

PASS/FAIL  Traditional undergraduates must complete at least 60 percent of the co-curricular requirement in order to pass. Students who fall short of the pass level will be placed on co-curricular probation.

CO-CURRICULAR PROBATION  Students on co-curricular probation may have their registration put on hold if their participation does not return to a satisfactory level the following semester.

ABSENCES  Absences due to field trips, medical appointments, occasional illness or family emergencies will not be excused. Students should plan to offset these conflicts with attendance at other programs.

FEES  A co-curricular fee is charged at the end of the sememster. This fee accumulates on the basis of non-participation--$25 for the first credit short of the requirement and $13 for every credit short therafter. A maximum of $402 may be charged to traditional students and $142 to non-traditional students, per semester.