Co-Curricular Participation

Check your progress toward completing the undergraduate co-curricular requirement. Click here to view your Co-Curricular Record.

ATTENDANCE MONITORING  Undergraduate students are responsible for monitoring their attendance throughout the semester. If a program you have attended does not show up on your record, please report that program within 21 days using the "Missing Programs" link in your record.

PASS/FAIL  Traditional undergraduates must complete at least 75 percent of the co-curricular requirement in order to pass for the semester.

CO-CURRICULAR PROBATION  Students who fall below the pass level will be placed on co-curricular probation. This status serves as an educational performance indicator.

ABSENCES  Absences due to occasional field trips, medical appointments, illnesses or family emergencies will not be excused. Students should plan to offset these conflicts with attendance at other programs.

DOCUMENTED ISSUES  Students who have documented issues with the Student Success office for which they are receiving academic modifications may present these to the Associate VP for University Culture & Inclusion for similar consideration.

CO-CURRICULAR FEE  A co-curricular fee is assessed at the end of each semester. This fee accumulates based on nonattendance. There will be a fee of $25 for the first credit short of the required number and $15 for every credit short thereafter. A maximum of $460 may be charged to traditional students and $160 to non-traditional students per semester. As an incentive for participation, this fee can be minimized or completely eliminated by fulfilling the requirement.

UPCOMING PROGRAM INFORMATION  Information about upcoming co-curricular programs can be found here.

SEMINARY STUDENTS  Seminary students have a separate Worship Attendance Policy. Track your worship and assembly attendance by clicking here.