Department of Practical & Applied Theology

Prepares church leaders in the areas of pastoral ministry, evangelism, worship and sacred music, preaching, leadership, pastoral counseling, and chaplaincy.

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
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Do you already have a career in mind but aren't sure which program will fit you best?

Chaplaincy is a highly qualified and dynamic expression of ministry based on the Bible and supported by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our mission at Pastoral Care and Counseling is to care for our Seminary students and staff with a Christ-centered whole person emphasis.

 Homiletics is the art of preparing and delivering sermons. It is one of the disciplines of practical and applied theology.

The purpose of studies in worship and music is to develop seminarians into lifelong worshiping disciples of the Triune God, so that they may in turn make more worshiping disciples.

The PATH team that teaches leadership at the doctoral and master’s degree levels seeks to develop seminarians as leaders who are continually experiencing biblically based transformation that empowers them to lead others into ongoing transformational experiences.

The NAD Evangelism Institute is the tangible expression of the Division's commitment to inspire a passion for evangelism in seminary students, pastors, and lay ministers. Click here for NAD Evangelism Institute webpage.

In Pastoral Ministry students explore and reflect on the high calling of ministry, their own call, and the focus of their ministry.

About us

Willie E. Hucks II

Chair, Practical & Applied Theology

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We see pastors, chaplains, and administrators multiplying the ministry of Christ in society through all believers, according to their unique giftedness.


In harmony with the Seminary, we prepare women and men for exceptional service as pastors, chaplains, and administrators who equip others to minister to the church and society in anticipation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Our Faculty & Staff