Brief Descriptions of Departments


Prepares church leaders in the area of practical ministries and provides training and experience in such areas as preaching, church leadership and administration, pastoral care, evangelism, sacred music and worship, and youth studies and ministry.

Attempts to enrich the student's preparation for the ministry and the service of the Church by providing information on the ecclesiastical and theological developments throughout the Christian era. It seeks to provide students with the opportunities for increased knowledge and appreciation of the divine hand in history, leading to greater faith in God and his divine purposes and activity.

Treasures and promotes the knowledge, understanding and life-application of the New Testament and its message about Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Seeks to foster a passion for and mastery of the Old Testament.


Christian theology (the science of God) searches the Bible in order to know God and to understand His involvement in human life and eternal destiny. Christian philosophy (the love of wisdom) has a passion for wisdom. Christian ethics (the science of holiness) has a passion for being true and living the truth.

Convicted of the coming of Jesus, we aim to revitalize the person and the church for world mission.