How to Apply

All applications are first processed through the University's Graduate Enrollment office. When your application file is complete, it is released to the DMin program office for an admission decision. You will need to communicate with both offices during the application process--Graduate Enrollment concerning the submission of documents and application fees, and at the same time correspond with the DMin office to receive information in preparation for cohort participation.

Download the DMin application package, then print and complete the forms:

Doctor of Ministry application

You will not need every form in the package. Usually, you will need…

  1. Application form, pages 1-2
  2. Institutional official recommendation
  3. Two general recommendations
  4. Professional history
  5. Personal Spiritual Journey essay written in the language to be used by your cohort (English, Korean, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese)
  6. 16PF (not required for those entering a non-English-speaking cohort)
  7. Application fee ($60) and 16PF fee ($25; not required for those entering a non-English-speaking cohort. The easiest way to pay is by credit card over the phone: 269-471-6321)
  8. Financial plan (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents) or budget for those on a student visa
  9. Official transcripts (you don't need to request transcripts for degrees that were earned at Andrews)
  10. Summary of educational history (for those whose prior education is from outside the U.S.)
  11. English proficiency such as TOEFL may be required if English was not your primary/native language (not required for those entering a non-English-speaking cohort)

The forms cannot be filled out and submitted online, but when completed, you may scan them to create a pdf file that can be sent with email to

Online-submissible application forms are not yet available, with one exception: you may email to provide the names and email addresses of the persons who are to provide your recommendations. Graduate Enrollment will send online-submissible recommendation forms directly to those individuals, to be submitted on your behalf. Be sure to tell Graduate Enrollment which person is the administrator/institutional official, because the form for that person is different from the general recommendation form.

The completed forms may be sent by mail to

Andrews University Graduate Admissions
4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0260

Or you may fax the completed forms to Graduate Admissions at 1-269-471-6246.

Most persons prefer to scan the completed documents and send as email file attachments to

Contact or call 1-269-471-3544 to make sure a place is reserved for you in the cohort of your choice while you are completing your application file with the Graduate Enrollment office.


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