Conference Sponsorship Policy

Conference Support for Andrews University Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Students

North American Division
On-and Off-Campus Intensives

This is a sample policy in which the local conference pays two-thirds and the union one-third of tuition expense. If the student is to pay one-third, that should be indicated under the student section. All fractions apply to the already-reduced special NAD rate, which is about $3,410.88 per year as of the fall 2013 semester.

Andrews University Qualification for Entrance:

  1. Hold the Master of Divinity degree or an equivalent. If needed, Andrews University will provide an individual analysis of your graduate work to determine if it is an acceptable equivalent.
  2. Have a GPA of at least 3.25 for graduate work.
  3. Demonstrate high professional and personal potential for the gospel ministry.
  4. Have an equivalent of at least three years of experience in ministry subsequent to the first graduate theological degree.
  5. Supply satisfactory recommendations from your conference president, a pastoral colleague, and a local elder (a total of three recommendations from specific individuals are required). The recommendation forms will be in your application package.
  6. Submit a paper of 1,500-2,500 words in the language of instruction that describes the applicant's personal spiritual journey and purpose in seeking the DMin degree. The paper should manifest deep theological reflection and familiarity with current literature in selected areas of ministry. 

Applicants from faiths other than Seventh-day Adventist will be accepted into the program, provided they meet admission requirements and represent high moral integrity with a character, lifestyle, and spiritual commitment reflective of the ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

For further information, see the Admission Procedures page

Union Conference:

  1. The union conference pays one-third of the tuition and registration fees charged to the student up to the total of 32 credits required by Andrews for completion. The local conference will bill the union for reimbursement of this tuition portion.

Local Conference:

  1. Mileage - special mileage rate for one round trip to the site where each of three modules is taught; or air fare and rental car reimbursement. (Some conferences reduce the mileage rate 50% and pay the lesser of the two)
  2. Housing - actual cost of room. Dorm rate applies when the module is taught on the campus of one of our denominational colleges or universities (when space is available).
  3. Per Diem - Current individual daily rate for travel to and from the site. Single per diem applies while on site and taking classes.  Additional family expenses will be the student's responsibility.
  4. Two-thirds (2/3) of tuition and registration fees up to 10 D. Min. credits per year under the subsidized tuition plan. Many conferences cover one-third (1/3) while the student pays a third.
  5. Dissertation/project expenses subsidy up to $500 upon successful completion of the Doctor of Ministry program.
  6. Graduation fees other than those for which the pastor is responsible as mentioned below.


  1. Application fees. (Professional Enrichment Funds may be used up to the maximum total available to the student each year.)
  2. Travel expense not covered above. (Professional Enrichment Funds may be used up to the maximum total available to the student each year.)
  3. The University expects the student to show evidence of ability to pay at enrollment and registration for each module.  Sponsored students should obtain a letter from the local conference verifying sponsorship and requesting the University to bill the local conference. 
  4. All books and materials costs. (Professional Enrichment Funds may be used up to the maximum total available to the student each year.)
  5. Any late fees generated by registering after the posted deadlines.
  6. Graduation expenses for cap and gown, travel, per diem, and housing. (Professional Enrichment Funds may be used up to the maximum total available to the student each year.)
  7. One-third (1/3) of tuition in conferences where the student pays one-third of tuition.

Enrollment and Registration:

  1. The student must first apply to Andrews University and obtain a letter of acceptance before registering for the Doctor of Ministry modules.
  2. The registration procedure includes these steps: A student must arrange financial clearance*; register for modules by contacting the Doctor of Ministry office at Andrews (269-471-3544 or 888-717-6244). This applies for project dissertation and continuation** as well. Please contact the Doctor of Ministry office well in advance of the registration deadline for assistance. Registration is done at the beginning of each of the three semesters in an academic year: the end of August, the beginning of January, and the beginning of May.

* Financial clearance must be established for every semester a student is in the program. It is accomplished by one of these methods:

    1. making pre-payment of tuition
    2. affirmation of conference sponsorship for tuition
    3. special arrangement for a payment plan for any outstanding balance

Students may make credit card payments online or by phone. DMin students should communicate with Vicki Thompson, Associate Director of Student Financial Services (, 269-471-6995).

**   There are three kinds of continuation in the DMin program:

Program continuation - Each student is to be registered as a current student for every term while in the DMin program. Students will register for program continuation at zero credit and zero tuition between the terms they are registered for course work or dissertation credits.
Project continuation - If, after completing all course work and registering for all dissertation credits, a student still has not completed and successfully defended a project/dissertation, the student will register for project continuation for every subsequent term until finishing (or dropping), up to the maximum of six years total from the beginning of the student’s program. The fee is $541 per semester up to the end of the six-year program limit.
Project continuation in program extension - For those students in project continuation who have not completed the program within the six-year limit, a one-year extension may be petitioned. Registration during this extension year will incur a per-semester fee equal to tuition for one doctoral credit at the full, undiscounted rate.

Miscellaneous Information:

  1. Housing (when modules are offered on the Andrews University campus)
    a. Residence hall guest rooms are available with linens supplied.
    b. Make reservations early. Call Guest Services at 269-471-3295 or email for guest rooms.
    c. Furnished apartments: call University Housing office at 269-471-6979,
  2. Meals:
    a. University Food Service is buffet-style, all-you-care-to-eat: Breakfast: $6.63; Lunch: $8.22; Dinner/Supper: $8.22 (including tax). A snack shop is also available adjacent to the student lounge in the Campus Center building. (Note: prices subject to change and may not be current as stated here) 
    b. Contact Food Service to set up a "draw-down" account from which to charge your meals.