Guidelines for the Records Coordinator

Each department, office, center, or service should have an appointed records coordinator who works closely with the Archives staff. This is generally the duty of the administrative assistant. Responsibilities of the office records coordinator is as follows:

  1. Once a calendar, academic, or fiscal year, check to see that every office in the group has transferred to the Archives:
    1. the oldest year of correspondence
    2. the oldest year of minutes
    3. all printed or duplicated items produced during the year
  2. Maintain a file of duplicate Records Inventory and Transfer Form for reference when departmental records need to be retrieved from the Archives.
  3. Keep the head of the office aware of interaction between office and the Archives program.
  4. Educate other staff members regarding Archives procedures and policies, including standard filing methods.
  5. Periodically furnish the Archives with a current description of the functions of each office in the group. Records coordinators should work with the Archives to
    1. Maintain a current list of record series used in the department
    2. Keep the retention schedule up to date
    3. Inform the Archives when a new record series is created
    4. Identify vital records and ensure their safety
  6. Assist in the smooth transfer of records between staff moving in and out of the office.
  7. Arrange or assist with retrievals from the Archives.
  8. Work with the Archives staff in solving problems relating to filing, discarding, and preservation of records.
  9. Provide authorization for others to use records in the Archives or coordinate the request for access with the head of the office.
  10. Provide authorization for the destruction of those records of the office, stored in the Archives, that do not need to be kept permanently.