About Us

We are committed to you, the student, and your overall career development through counseling and assessment by providing the necessary resources for career exploration, planning and management throughout your time here at Andrews University. We are dedicated to your development and to the implementation of programs that will help guide you as you make future career decisions—ultimately aiding you in attaining all your educational and professional goals.


The mission of the Andrews University Career Center is to provide a centralized avenue for students and alumni to engage in career exploration, to access beneficial career resources, and to actively participate in experiential learning opportunities that promote career development toward the achievement of academic, personal and spiritual growth, and career success. 

Our Career Development Services

The Career Center located in the James White Library, in conjunction with various institutional departments, offers career services including, but not limited to:

  • Resume building
  • Resume reviewing
  • Mock interviewing
  • Career Fair preparation
  • Career planning
  • Major choice planning
  • Professional etiquette skills building
  • Networking skills building
  • Job/internship search skills

Career Counseling

The Career Center partners with counselors in the Counseling & Testing Center to assist students with career questions and concerns. Using assessments and other resources, counselors will help you explore your career options, choose the best academic path, and develop a plan to achieve your career goals.

Career Coaching

Coaching is a future-focused, goal- and action-oriented process that will help guide you through the discovery and exploration process. Whether you need help in choosing a major or are getting ready to graduate we are here to help at any stage of your process.

Career counseling versus career coaching

Career Coaching: "I have no idea what to do next to achieve my career goals."

Career Counseling: "Some of my hangups and insecurities are making it tough for me to figure out my career goals."

Career Assessments

A variety of assessments exploring your interests, abilities and personality are available to you. These can be used to guide you in choosing a major and a career path. They include:

  • 16PF—looks at the 16 personality factors and their relation to various occupational fields.
  • Myers Briggs—explores ways people direct their attention, take in information, make decisions, and adopt various life and work styles.
  • Strong Interest Inventory—explores the relationship between work interests and job satisfaction.
  • Campbell Interest Inventory—analyzes vocational interests and skills with respect to career satisfaction and success.
  • COPS—looks at interests, values and abilities and their relationship to career fields.
  • Achievement Works—explores personality and interests with respect to career options.
  • Strengths Quests—explores personal, career and lifestyle goals and achievements

Career assessment are scheduled and administered through the Counseling & Testing Center located in Bell Hall, Room 122. Visit the office or call 269-471-3470 to schedule an assessment.

Career Services Directory

For students and employers, if you are unsure of what fields of study we offer at Andrews University, take a look at Andrews University Degree Listing and Schools of Study. This directory provides a list of on-campus departments and members of the departments.

Job and Internship Placements

Job, internship and other experiential learning opportunities are made available to students through partnerships with external organizations. Available opportunities are listed on the Andrews Network and Andrews Agenda. Students and employers may register to join the Andrews Network.

Free Publications

Yearly Career Development Magazines are available to you at no expense. Located at the Career Center, Suite 306, James White Library.  Publications include: Job Choices (Business, Fine Arts, Technology, and Diversity Edition), and The Black Collegian.

"Commit to me your ways, whatever you do and your plans will succeed. For I have plans to prosper you and not harm you. To give you hope and a good future!"
— God