Jobs and Internships

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is the process of learning through doing. Types of experiential learning include:

  • Internships 
  • Co-ops
  • Service learning/volunteer work
  • Jobs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Fellowships
  • Clinical experiences
  • Student teaching
  • Study abroad
  • Research

The Career Center can help you create a plan to incorporate experiential learning into your academic journey.

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional projects that provide opportunities for career exploration, skill development, and networking.  Projects range from 10-40 hours in duration and can take place year-round, often with a remote-working option. 

Benefits of a Micro-internship

  • An opportunity to explore different career paths
  • Gain valuable, practical experience that enhances your resume
  • Build and expand your professional network
  • Engage with potential employers for future, long-term opportunities

Who can complete a micro-internship

  • Students and alumni who are want to obtain professional experience and are at least 18 years old are eligible.
  • International students with work authorization (CPT, OPT or a work visa). 
  • Undocument students with a valid ITIN.

How to apply for a micro-internship

Andrews University students and alumni can apply for micro-internship opportunities through our partnership with the Parker Dewey platform. To apply:

Start applying for micro-internships through Parker Dewey today!



Forage provides virtual work experience programs that are 100% free, open-access and self-paced for students of all majors.  No experience or application is required! Get started and leverage your success with four easy steps: 

Step 1: Register for Forage, and Enroll in programs that help you explore career options.

Step 2: View video instructions from actual employees and access curated resources to help you in the task.

Step 3: Compare your work with model examples from the company and earn a certificate.

Step 4: Add your certificate to your resume, CV, and LinkedIn. Upload your resume into the platform and get a chance to connect with recruiters.

Enroll today!


Find up-to-date job and internship postings in the Classifieds section of Andrews Agenda, the university's official source of news and events. Visit the Classifieds here. 


Andrews Network is an online networking, mentoring and jobs board platform exclusive to the Andrews community. The Andrews Network provides a place where alumni can connect with each other and with current students. You control how involved you want to be—you can simply join and connect with a few classmates, or you can grow into an engaged mentor who offers advice and assistance to current students. As it is protected by a globally recognized privacy and security framework, you can rest assured that the Andrews Network is a secure platform. Continue scrolling below to read more about the features of the Andrews Network.

All students are encouraged to register and actively become a user on the Andrews Network. Register here.

Innovation Center

The Andrews University Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship provides students with opportunities for experiential learning through innovation. Opportunities include on-campus internships, capstone and senior design projects, and certificate courses in innovation. Learn more about experiential opportunities from the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship on their website here.