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Creating a Modern Collaborative Learning Space

Giving Day Goal: $10,000

Supporting James White Library’s Cause
This Giving Day, we rally support for Creating a Modern Collaborative Learning Space. We plan to repurpose and update the Reference area as a modern collaborative space for peer-to-peer learning where students can work in small groups, engage in tutorials, solve problems, and participate in knowledge exchange. This space will support a new generation of students’ and faculty’s learning and research activities. The concept is a technology-rich space that can serve as maker spaces, group study spaces, academic learning spaces, and presentation rooms.

Collective Impact
At the James White Library, your gift matters!  With the help of donors like you, the James White Library can innovate its spaces to support engaged and self-directed learning.  Your contribution will impact what we can achieve together.  You can further enhance the JWL as an invaluable resource for students, professors, parents, and people everywhere.


Join Us On Our Mission
Any gifts to our department will go toward supporting brilliant students like this — thank you!

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Envisioning the Future

A new look for the research area of the library after renovation. A space that encourages collaboration to meet the demands of the modern academic.

Meet Lauren

This video features Lauren Elliot, an animal science major who has been working at the James White Library about a year. Lauren shares her perspective on the importance of ample study spaces. While she appreciates the existing study areas, Lauren sees the need for additional study rooms to accommodate more groups for collaborative work on assignments, projects, and discussions. Listen as Lauren discusses the significance of enhancing study spaces to foster teamwork and academic success for all students.

My name is Frederick

Meet Frederick. A student majoring in aviation who has been working at the library for the past five months. In this video, Frederick shares his insights on potential improvements for the library, focusing on the need for a more comfortable and relaxing space. He suggests adding amenities such as sofas and areas where individuals can lie down and read. Join us as Frederick discusses his ideas for enhancing the library experience and creating a welcoming environment for all patrons.

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