Gift in Kind

A gift in kind is typically an item that you donate to Andrews University. The value of this donation is then tax deductable. Personal service(s) can not be donated as a gift in kind, however out of pocket expenses that may incur during this personal service may be regarded as a gift in kind as long as there is no significant level of personal benefit in these expenses. Please contact the Office of Development before donating any gift in kind. Relevant information needed would be your name and contact information, a brief physical description of the gift, a method of acquisition, and an estimate of the current market value. If any gift in kind is valued at $2,500 or more, please include a written estimate or appraisal. Once the Office of Development receives this information a decision can then be made as far as the marketability or use of the donation. A copy of a gift in kind form would then need to be submitted to Andrews.