In Memory/Honor

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts provide a lasting memory of a person’s life and their accomplishments on a spiritual, personal and professional level. They also help to continue the memory of a loved one here at Andrews University and serve as a constant reminder of a future reunion. It is a privilege for Andrews to offer families an opportunity to honor their loved ones. Frequently, this person’s family or friends decide to establish a memorial scholarship or an endowed chair following the death of their loved one, at which point all who have been directly or indirectly touched by this individual’s life are offered a chance to remember them. Andrews will be happy to provide the family with a list of contributors and also a list of benefactors, if applicable.

Honorary Gifts

Honorary gifts commemorate an individual’s impact on Andrews University. Alumni often decide to honor a respected professor or advisor who made a difference in their Andrews experience. This is commonly in the form of a scholarship fund or endowed chair and frequently coincides with that individual’s retirement. Friends and family can choose to establish such a gift in honor of someone’s success. Any individual who has a gift named for them will receive a list of contributors and also a list of benefactors.