The Honors Professional

Each semester, the J. N. Andrews Honors Program hosts a series of 60-minute workshops (usually scheduled on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm) designed to enhance Honors student professional preparedness—the Honors Professional.  These sessions are co-sponsored by the Explore Andrews initiative and can be attended for co-curricular credit.  We encourage non-Honors students to join the seminars as guests and participants.  The Honors Program aims to host 2-3 workshops per semester focused on a range of professional development needs and life-skills essential to post-Andrews endeavors.  Previous workshops have discussed interview tactics for the workplace, interview strategies for medical and dental schools, statement of purpose writing, professional self-presentation on digital platforms (social media and digital portfolios), resume writing, and internship planning.  Since Honors Professional presenters are local alumni, business people, and experienced professors, the Honor Professional can be an excellent way to build a network of contacts for the future.  

Below are some tips and skills offered in past Honors Professionals for your use in both your professional and college career! 


Personal Well-Being 

Mental Wellness, presented by Mindy Kissinger, PhD Practicum Student at the Counseling and Testing Center 

Physical Wellness, presented by Maxine Umana, M.A. 

College Success Strategies, presented by a panel of Honors Scholars 


Professional Tips 

Internships, presented by Ms. Alejandra Castillo 

Statement of Purpose, presented by Honors Professors Drs. Vanessa Corredera, Shandelle Henson, and L. Monique Pittman

Portfolios and Resumes, presented by Dr. Anneris Coria-Navia and Mr. Clifford Allen 

Small Talk, presented by Andrews University President Andrea Luxton 

Medical School Interviews, presented by Honors alum Johnny Ahn and Dr. Robert Zdor 

Let's Budget, presented by Mr. Gabriel Montes