Banner 9 Adoption & Resources

Banner 9

Banner 9 is the new user interface (UI), provided by Ellucian, for administrative Banner. The new UI abandons technology that is no longer considered modern and secure (Oracle forms) and will no longer be supported after December 31, 2018. Per Ellucian, the new UI had improved accessibility for users of all abilities, with new and occiaional users enjoying a shorter learning curve. While some new functionality is being released with the converted administrative pages (previously called forms), the majority of functionality remains the same between Banner 8 and Banner 9. Because the old technology, and the old interface, is no longer being supported, Andrews University must fully adopt the Banner 9 interface by December 31, 2018. The adoption timeline and resources available to users are outlined below.

Banner 9 Adoption Timeline

  • June 2018: Users should be striving to adopt Banner 9 as their primary interface
  • September 10, 2018: Banner 8 access will be turned off
  • December 31, 2018: End of life for Banner 8

June - September 9, 2018

  • Users should be striving to adopt Banner 9 as their primary interface, spending the majority of their time in Banner 9
  • All tasks should be completed at least once in Banner 9
    • First time, confirm results in Banner 8
  • If tasks completd once per semester, once per year, or even less frequently, ask for a clone to TEST and do concurrent processing, checking for consistent results between the two interfaces.
    • Test → Banner 9
    • Prod → Banner 8
  • Report frustrations and problems to the area's Banner Support Specialist for reporting to Ellucian
    • Design frustrations including bad form conversions, bad tabbing, etc.
    • Data doesn't save and/or porcesses don't kick off or behave as expected
    • Other defects or bugs

September 10 - December 31, 2018

  • Links to Banner 8 will be removed
  • Application Navigator (Banner 9 landing page) will be primary access point
  • Forms identified as problems in Banner 9 will direct to Banner 8 out of Application Navigator
    • As problems resolve, forms will be switched to use the Banner 9 interface
  • Continue reporting any frustrations or bugs to the area's Banner Support Specialist

January 1, 2019

  • All users must use Banner 9 for all tasks
    • Rare exceptions may be identified by Ellucian, with limited shelf-life
  • Ellucian will continue to update and convert Banner 8 self-service applications

AU Prepared Resources

Training Sessions

Administrative Systems provided training sessions in May and June of 2018, to help employees learn about the translation between Banner 8 and Banner 9, along with advice on best practices and timeline for Banner 9 adoption. Check the Events List to see if there are any sessions available.

Materials: Banner 8 → Banner 9

Power Point: Banner 9 Adoption (training slides) (save before opening for best results)

Banner 9 Keystrokes

Ellucian Provided Resources


Getting Started with Banner 9: An Overview of the User Interface and Keyboard Shortcuts

Banner 9x Administrative Filter Enhancements Demonstration (go to drive Z:\Banner Documentation\Train9x  or \\apps1\apps\Banner\Train9x)


Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide

Banner 9.x: Getting Started Guide

Banner Naming Convention Quick Refernce Guide

Banner Transformed: Getting Started With Your Administrative Applications