ACES Channel Lineup

Basic channels are available for no charge in  Lamson, Meier, Burman, Damazo, Garland, Beechwood and Maplewood. They are also available in some academic and administrative buildings on campus. You do not need to "subscribe," they are already accessible.


(Analog service was discontinued on August 7, 2013)


(Subject to change if the broadcast station makes changes.)

Notes - * = standard definition duplicate of the main channel
           S = full or partial Spanish language programming

Channel Name Notes Network
5-1 NBC 5   NBC
5-2 Nonstop   NBC Chicago Nonstop
7-1 WLS   ABC
7-2 LivWell   Live Well
7-3 LivWell *  
9-1 WGN   CW
9-2 Antenna   Antenna
10-1 WYGN-LD   3ABN
10-2 3ABN-ES S 3ABN Latino
10-3 3ABN-PR   Dare to Dream
10-4 Hope   Hope TV
10-7 3ABN-RD   3ABN Radio
10-8 Radio74   Radio 74
11-1 WTTW-HD   PBS
11-2 WTTW-DT   WTTW-Prime
11-3 WTTW-DT   Create
11-4 WTTW-DT S V-me
16-1 WNDU-HD   NBC
16-2 WNDU-SD *  
20-1 WYCC HD   PBS
20-2 WYCC SD *  
20-3 MHz   MHZ World Wide
22-1 WSBT-HD   CBS
22-2 WSBT-SD   SBT2
22-3 WSBT-WX   WSBT Weather
25-1 WCWW-HD   CW
25-2 THIS   This-TV
28-1 WSJV-DT   Fox
28-2 WSJV-SD   Live Well
32-1 WFLD   Fox
34-1 WNIT-HD   PBS
34-2 WNIT-SD    
38-2 qubo S qubo
38-3 IONLife   ION Life
39-1     PMC
44-1 WSNS HD S Telemundo
44-2 INMI-TV S Inmigrante TV
44-3 SOI S Soi
46-1 WHME-D1    
46-2 WHME-D2   World Harvest Television
46-3 WHME-D3 S Aliento Vision
46-4 WHME-D4   Pulse FM
50-1 WPWR-TV   MyTV
52-1 WGVKDT1   PBS
52-2 WGVKDT2   Create
52-3 WGVKDT3   MHZ World Wide
52-4 WGVKDT4   Weather
57-1 WBND-HD   ABC
57-2 MeTV   MeTV
60-1 WXFT-HD S TeleFutura
60-2 WXFT-SD *  
69-1 WMYS-SD   MyTV
69-2 TMDU S Telemundo


Premium - Digital

After December 29, 2015, ACES will no longer be providing “premium” television programming on our campus cable TV system, due to a large drop in the usage of our campus cable TV system and rising cost of acquiring content that has made our premium cable TV operations too expensive to operate.

How can you get ESPN, etc.?
Most users will be able to get content via online sources. See the list of some of the more popular online video services below. Of these, Sling TV offers a programming lineup (including ESPN) that most closely matches the current ACES premium service.

YouTube—Generally free, lots of independent content and highlights from popular shows, some live event programming
Netflix—Starting at $7.99/month, variety of movies, TV shows (previously broadcast) and some original content
Amazon Prime—$49/year for students, similar to Netflix, some Amazon original content, also includes commercial free music
Hulu—Starting at $7.99/month, many current season shows from ABC, NBC, FOX, and more, some original content
Sling TV—Starting at $20/month, many live channels such as ESPN, CNN, TNT, HGTV, Disney, and many more

How do you watch online TV/video?
All of the above services let you watch on computers, most tablets & smartphones, and many smart TVs & media players. If you want to watch on a TV that is not a “smart TV”, we highly recommend using a media player that plugs into a wired network connection since wireless media players (the “stick type”) probably will not connect gracefully to the campus wireless network. If you buy a media player, be sure that it has connections that work with your existing TV.

If you have any questions email us at, or call us at 269-471-3455.