Basic Phone System Usage

The instructions in this section are for digital, multi-line phones. Some of these features are also available on analog, single-line phones through the use of special key sequences. Contact Telecommunications for more information.


1. Press “Transfer” button
2. Dial Extension (listen for someone to pick up and let them know the details of the transferred call)
3. Press “Transfer” button again then hang up

Helpful Hint: To do a silent transfer to your boss’ voice mail while they are in the office, dial 2529 then follow the verbal instructions.


1. Press “Conference” button (Your caller is now on hold)
2. Dial extension
3. Let the responding party know who else is on the line
4. Press “Conference” button again (all three parties are now on line)
5. When one party hangs up, two are still connected. (If the party you are calling does not respond, you may reconnect with the original caller by pressing the extension button for the original call.)


When you have dial tone (either via the handset or speakerphone), push down on your extension button (the button with your ext. number on it) and the last number you dialed will automatically be dialed again.


1. Press “Forward” button
2. Dial extension you wish to forward to (or x2528 to forward calls to your voicemail box)
3. Press “Forward” button again
4. You should now see an arrow or other indicator next to the button for your phone extension
5. To take your phone off forward, press “Forward” one time (the “arrow” should now be gone)

(ring your phone when an on-campus number is no longer busy)

1. Upon receiving busy signal press “Ring Again” button
2. Hang up (a lighted arrow should appear at the button)
3. When the other party hangs up the phone, your phone will beep
4. Pick up your phone handset to get a dial tone, then press the “Ring Again” button
5. You will hear a ringing for the party you were trying to contact


This feature automatically dials long distance or frequently called numbers with the push of a button. You must have an “Auto Dial” button on your phone to use this.
1. Press “Auto Dial” button
2. Dial party’s extension
3. Press “Auto Dial” button again to save the number at that button position