Excelsior College

Excelsior College standardized examination (UExcel) scores listed below may be articulated (transferred) when an official transcript is submitted during admission or as soon as the exam is passed, usually in the first year of study. Check the articulation in your academic record (in iVue). Review your CAPP report (in iVue) to see which requirements were fulfilled. Talk to your academic advisor about any prior learning credit before taking similar classes.

UEXCEL Subject Test

Minimum Score

Andrews Equivalency


Business & Technology      
Ethics: Theory and Practice C Elective UD 3
Human Resource Management C BSAD 384 3
Labor Relations C Elective UD 3
Organizational Behavior C Elective UD 3
Principles of Management C BSAD 355 3
Principles of Marketing C MKTG 310 3
Introduction to Computer Programming using Java C Elective 3
Literary Instruction in the Elementary School C Elective UD 3
College Writing B Elective  3
English Composition B Elective  6
Interpersonal Communicaition   COMM 104 3
Fine Arts/Humanities      
Introduction to Philosophy C PHIL 224 3
Bioethics: Philosophical Issues C ACE-Humanities/Elective UD 3
World Conflicts Since 1900 C ACE-History/Elective UD 3
Life/Physical Sciences      
Anatomy & Physiology B BIOL 221 4
Earth Science B Elective 3
Microbiology B BIOL 280 3
Pathophysiology B Elective UD 3
Statistics C STAT 285 3
Social Sciences      
Abnormal Psychology B PSYC 460 3
Cultural Diversity B Elective UD 3
Foundations of Gerontology B Elective UD 3
Juvenile Delinquency B SOCI 345 3
Life Span Developmental Psychology B GDPC 301, PSYC 301 3
Psychology of Adulthood & Aging B Elective UD 3
Research Methods in Psychology B BHSC 230 3
Social Psychology B PSUC 450 3
World Population B Elective UD 3

UD = Upper Division

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