Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

2016 Social Sciences Recipient: Harvey Burnett (Behavioral Sciences)


Student Comments

“Dr. Burnett first mentored me in Research Methods IV, where he taught survey research methods and oversaw my first official research project in my 2nd year. His wisdom and guidance enabled me to present the findings from that first project at a major conference. His teaching sparked my personal interest in research and has enabled me to go on to present three more projects at various conferences with another in Chicago this coming May. Dr. Burnett is an amazing mentor who has a talent for working with students. His deep care for his students is also evident in how he takes time out to work with each one of us.”

“Dr. Burnett was instrumental at helping me gain research experience. He helped me deal with issues that came up without just doing it for me so I was able to learn a lot. He is great at helping you develop your own ideas into a feasible research project. He's a great advisor.”