Siegfried H. Horn Award

In honor of Siegfried H. Horn’s legacy of scholarship and contribution to the field of Biblical Archaeology at Andrews University, and his impact upon the world church and the wider community of scholars, this award has been established to recognize lifetime scholarship achievement of Andrews University faculty members.

Recipients of the award must hold the rank of Associate Professor or Full Professor, and have been full-time employees at Andrews University for a minimum of 5 years. The award recognizes lifetime achievement in research and creative scholarship for Andrews University faculty members; faculty may win the award only once.  The Dean of Research identifies eligible faculty members who have produced substantial scholarly contributions over the previous five years at Andrews University, and the members of the Scholarly Research Council vote on final recipients. 

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Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award Recipients

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  2022 RECIPIENT Pictured left to right:

  Petr Činčala (Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary) 
  Jay Johnson (School of Engineering and the Department of Physics) 



2021 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Chi Yong Yun (Department of Music)
Anneris Coria-Navia (Department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum)


2020 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

S. Joseph Kidder (Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary)
Gustavo Gregorutti (Department of Leadership)



2019 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Harvey J. Burnett, Jr.  (College of Arts & Sciences)
John C. Peckham (Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary)


2018 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Charles Reid (College of Arts & Sciences)
Stanley E. Patterson (Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary)


2017 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Denis J. H. Fortin (Religion & Theology)
Tiffany Z. K. Summerscales (Pure & Applied Sciences)
Herbert W. Helm, Jr. (Arts, Humanities and Education)
Kathleen M. Demsky, not pictuted (Professional Programs)

2016 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Annetta M. Gibson (Professional Programs)
Karl G. D. Bailey (Pure & Applied Sciences)
P. Richard Choi (Religion & Theology)
Stephen P. Zork (Arts, Humanities & Education)

2015 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

James L. Hayward (Pure & Applied Sciences)
Andrew von Maur (Professional Programs)
Carla L. Trynchuk (Arts, Humanities & Education)
Wagner Kuhn, not pictured (Religion & Theology)

2014 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Gary W. Burdick (Pure & Applied Sciences)
Marcia A. Kilsby (Professional Programs)
Greg J. Constantine (Arts, Humanities & Education)
Roy E. Gane (Religion & Theology)

2013 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Øystein S. LaBianca (Pure & Applied Sciences)
Fernando L. Canale (Religion & Theology)
Winston J. Craig (Professional Programs)
Tevni E. Grajales Guerra (Arts, Humanities & Education)

2012 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Duane C. McBride (Pure & Applied Sciences)
Curt J. VanderWaal (Professional Programs)
Jiří Moskala (Religion and Theology)
Steve L. Hansen (Arts, Humanities & Education)

2011 RECIPIENTS Pictured left to right:

Shandelle M. Henson (Sciences and Mathematics)
Karen A. Allen (Professions)
Larry D. Burton (Arts & Humanities) 
Richard M. Davidson, not pictured (Religion and Theology)