Wagner Kuhn

2015 Horn Award — Religion and Theology

In the last three and a half years, Wagner Kuhn has amassed an exceptional research record. He has written two books; edited two additional books; translated the missionary training manual, “Passport to Mission,” into Portuguese; written six chapters for peer reviewed books; and had five articles accepted in four different peer reviewed journals. His articles and books have been published in both English and Portuguese.

In the last five years he has presented 12 scholarly papers, and presented 53 workshops and training sessions in 21 countries. He has done extensive training in the Gulf region, training tentmaker missionaries in Kuwait, Turkey, Mongolia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina and Kyrgyzstan.

Due to his passion for research and writing, Wagner encourages his students to engage in quality research and writing. 

Wagner's 2015 Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship presentation was titled "Partnership as Mission: Advancing Scholarship through Publications" (abstract). The presentation can be viewed online here.