Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

2018 Social Sciences Recipient: Oystein LaBianca (Behavioral Sciences)


Student Comments

"Working with Dr. LaBianca as his undergraduate research assistant was one of the highlights of my academic career at Andrews University. Collaborating with him on his Jordan Cave Survey project helped to heighten my interest in the cultures of the Middle East and in the preservation of knowledge regarding the little traditions of a civilization. My work as an undergraduate research assistant also sharpened my presentation and critical thinking skills. In addition, attending the Jordan Field School was a wonderfully edifying experience. Being able to visit the country that I had been studying added great value to my time doing research with Dr. LaBianca."

"Dr. LaBianca helped me out and provided me so many opportunities relating to research and my internship. Because of his advice, I was able to go to Jordan and do my research with the local community. Doing the research and living in Jordan made me become more of an open-minded person and help me to understand diversity better."