Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

2018 Humanities Recipient: Vanessa Corredera (English)

Student Comments

"When I was doing my research, Dr. Corredera was generous with her time in helping me cultivate my own academic voice. She encouraged me to expand my boundaries as a scholar and was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear—and a hand!—whenever I came across any obstacles. Her ability to challenge students to think more deeply while also maintaining an attitude of kindness and good cheer sets the standard for the kind of research mentor I hope to be in the future."

"During my four years at Andrews, Dr. Vanessa Corredera's influence on me cannot be overstated. As a freshman, I quietly admired her control of the classroom and ability to take my writing to new heights. I enrolled in more of her classes, eventually switching my major to English altogether. In time, she became not only my professor, but my academic advisor. Dr. Corredera invested in me. She encouraged me to join the Honors program, despite my fears. By my junior year, she was my professor, academic advisor, Honors advisor, and then employer. We worked closely in the last two years of my time at Andrews and as an undergraduate research mentor, her patience and guidance comforted me at a time when I was unsure of my own abilities as a student. Her own writing served as an example to me as I tried to model her ability to clearly argue her position. She responded to my frantic emails about my work and research progress with encouragement and concrete plans for my success. Dr. Corredera is a bright light in the English Department. Her personal commitment to both research and her students impacted my outlook on the study of literature. She is my friend and role model. Her example and influence colors everything about my last two years at Andrews. And so, when I reflect on my time there, it comes as no surprise to me that my trajectory as a student had the direction it did. I owe much of my journey to Dr. Vanessa Corredera. Without her, my experience at Andrews would undoubtedly have been less vibrant. As I consider the field of teaching and academia for myself, I recall the kind of influence she had on me and attempt to incorporate that in my own professional life. So I thank Dr. Corredera for investing in me, for changing my life, and for being the kind of woman, teacher, advisor, mentor, and employer that I can only hope to be. She holds a permanent place in my story and in my heart. I would not have it any other way."

"Researching under Dr. Corredera has been a phenomenal experience. A great mentor and friend, she has often been a guiding voice and comforting presence during my time as her student and research advisee. She's helped me pursue a topic that I'm passionate about, and she frequently reminds me to set my own deadlines and be accountable for myself. As of now, there have been multiple unfortunate events that have occurred surrounding my thesis. Even still, Dr. Corredera has been more than accommodating and understanding of my circumstances and continues to push me to strive hard while still giving me enough space to recuperate and breathe. Dr. Corredera's mentorship, teaching, and friendship have been some of the biggest highlights and inspirations of my undergraduate academic experience, and in my opinion there is no one more deserving of this award."