2017-2018 Research Grant Recipients

The 2017-2018 Recipients of Andrews University graduate Grants in Aid of Research are:

• Benjamin M. Bonilla López (Wagner Kuhn, World Mission). Being Maya, Being Adventist: A Grounded Theory of Seventh-day Adventism Among the K’iche’ Maya People of the Municipality of Chichicastenango in the Guatemalan Highlands. Abstract

• Trisha E. Broy (Randall Younker, Archaeology). The Collared Pithos of Jordan. Abstract

• Jenifer Daley (Martin Hanna, Theology & Christian Philosophy). Toward Engaging Secular Society: A Multidimensional Theological Remodeling of Charles Taylor’s Social Imaginary. Abstract

• Roshelle M. Hall (Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske, Biology). Habitat Assessment and Use, and Genetic Determination of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes in Berrien County, Michigan Historical Sites. Abstract

• Vivian A. Laughlin (Randall Younker, Archaeology). Serapis in Hisban: A Historical Narrative of Enculturation of an Ancient Jordanian City. Abstract

• Tachica Mc Coy (Joel Raveloharimisy, Behavioral Sciences). Political Economy of Mob Justice in Madagascar. Abstract

• Daniel R. McGill (William Scott, Physical Therapy). Professional Behaviors: Correlation to Clinical Performance. Abstract

• Stacey A. Nicely (Ron Coffen, Graduate Psychology & Counseling). Cultural Variations in the Protective Factors that Contribute to Resilience across Individualistic Compared to Collectivistic Cultures: Comparisons from Jamaica, Rwanda, and the United States. Abstract

• Michael Orellana (Randall Younker, Archaeology). Building an Iron IIB-IIC Pottery Assemblage for Tall Jalul. Abstract

• Angy Plata (Joel Raveloharimisy, Behavioral Sciences). Political Economy of Mob Justice in Madagascar. Abstract

• Helen N. Rolle (Carole Wooldford-Hunt, Graduate Psychology & Counseling). Religiosity and Ethnic Identity as Predictors of Identity Orientation among African-American and Caucasian American Women. Abstract

• Silvano Santos (Bruce Bauer, World Mission). A Theory Base and Model of a Mission Organization for the South American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Abstract