2018-2019 Grant in Aid of Research

An Impact Assessment of Technology Use in Adventist Healthcare Missions

Joshua Pazvakawambwa

Technical assistance, consultancy, and governance of resources are important aspects when providing humanitarian and development aid (Currie-Alder, B., Kanbur, R., Malone, D., & Medhora, R, 2014). My research assesses the impact of technology use in achieving community and international development (CIDP) ideals at Bere Adventist Hospital, a healthcare & missions project run by Adventist Health International in Chad. The primary research activity will be an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing energy supply and electronic medical record system at the facility. To improve the impact of this infrastructure, I will utilize an intermediate technology approach in the alternative designs process and implementation planning. The philosophy of this research project highlights the need for an interdisciplinary approach to facilitating the health message in a CIDP context.

The use of locally available resources enables remote communities to have access to efficient services that save lives, improve their quality of life and foster sustainable livelihoods. Intermediate technology is such an approach and this research project seeks to capitalize on it. Additionally, I will use appreciative inquiry and self-help development approaches to assess whether these resources can have an impact at both the hospital facility and the surrounding community. The coordination of diverse expertise, personnel, and other resources is crucial in our endeavor to promote quality health for all even in the remotest of communities. In the same manner, my physical presence in the community for 6 months will foster better engagement with solving contemporary societal problems using technology.